Happy Birthday, Princess P!

Today is Princess P’s twelfth birthday!

Five years ago when my neighbor took this photo, I assumed she would be my little girl forever. Boy how things change. In the time since this photo, Julia has started dancing lessons – ballet and jazz – began Krav Maga lessons – and will likely have her junior black belt test early next year – and self-taught her way to being a pretty good artist.

Of course, she has her moments; “becoming a woman” has given her more than a few moody days, and she still argues with her older brothers, but for the most part, she’s a solid kid. She also loves her dad – usually – and still gives me hugs and kisses before bed.

Julia’s birthday dinner will be nachos. Happy birthday, Princess P! We love you very much.

Of course, this time next year, she’ll be a teenager in one year. May God have mercy on us all.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Princess P!

  1. Ronni – She will be extremely happy with her present this year.

    RG – She always has a thousand things to do between Krav Maga, dance, band, art, etc. She’ll settle on something she truly loves and go with it.


  2. Happy belated birthday to the cute, quirky and talented Princess. My wifi adapter card took a dirt nap on cyber Monday and I just got up and running again last night……….


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