Wine Glasses & Cake: Perfect Together?

Okay, this is arguably the most bizarre use of wine glasses I have ever seen, but it is also strangely mesmerizing.

An intrepid mind decided someone could use wine glasses to cut cake when no knives are handy.

(Seriously, who doesn’t have a knife?)

Some very clever people have found a hack that lets people cut the cake even if there is no knife available. This method uses wine glasses. The goblets are turned upside down so that the cup penetrates through the icing and into the soft, baked goodness within. When the goblet is turned right side up, a perfect slice of cake is there, waiting for immediate consumption.

I mean, I get it, but how are you eating the cake afterward? Are you digging a fork into there, or just slapping the bottom of the glass until the cake comes out?

A gif of the cake cutting is below the fold…

7 thoughts on “Wine Glasses & Cake: Perfect Together?

  1. That’s a good idea but I doubt it works that smoothly.
    After three or five people you’ll be pushing clumps of cake and frosting into your glass with your fingers.
    You drink coffee and sambucca with that so the wine glass is free.


  2. Cathy – I wonder how difficult clean up is afterward?

    Mike AKA Proof – You drink it right out of the box.

    Kitty – Probably a good idea.

    Veeshir – Yeah, if you’re not getting an end piece, it’s probably really messy.


  3. Stuff like this makes my pancreas hurt. I guess this is a great life hack for all those times when you’re stuck with a cake to eat, and nothing to portion it it out with, except wine glasses. I’m sure this happens a lot. Or, you know, you plan properly, and if you’re serving cake, maybe have a f*cking knife handy with which to cut it.

    “Look what you can do!!!!” is not the same as, “Look what you should do.”

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