Shark Weak

A Playboy model/attention hoor who spends her days working on “shocking” photo-shoots decided to swim with man-eating sharks off the coast of Hawaii.

A daredevil Playboy model whose stunts have caused outrage around the world has plunged to new depths – to swim with man-eating sharks.

Marisa Papen dived naked off the coast of Hawaii to get up close and very personal with the terrifying marine predators. The Belgian beauty said she put her life on the line to challenge the taboos surrounding sharks as well as nudity.

Obviously, I’m all for the naked part. The shark part, not so much. But hey, it’s not my job to keep people from killing themselves.

“Over the years, sharks have gained a bad reputation because of the film industry. I wanted to challenge viewers by looking at these magnificent creatures with a different eye.”

“We dived around 20 times in the span of around 45 minutes. We didn’t want to bother them too long.”

Yeah, I remember that angry sea captain who kept bothering a great white shark. I wonder whatever happened to Mr. Quint?

5 thoughts on “Shark Weak

  1. Evidently beauty and brains are a rare combination to find in women. Now beauty and attention whore traits seem to found in quite a few.


  2. Ronni – You’d think she’d get enough attention by taking off her clothes. Why take the risk of swimming with tiger sharks?

    Mike47 – Hopefully it’s not her time of the month. I’ll show myself out.

    Cathy – And they’re less hungry for, you know, regular people.


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