Der Führer Floats More PA Shutdowns

Pennsylvania Governor Führer Tom Wolf and his transvestite Health Secretary are contemplating even more draconian restrictions to keep the plebes “safe” from the Chinese Wuhan Virus.

As always, Der Führer’s targets are restaurants and gyms; because why would we want people to be healthy during an alleged pandemic?

CBS3 has learned from three county officials that additional state business and gathering restrictions are expected from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine this week.

Montgomery County Board of Commissioners Chair Dr. Valerie Arkoosh confirmed in Wednesday’s news conference that she has been part of discussions on the proposed restrictions, but could not confirm details on what was going to be regulated, nor the timing of an announcement.

Officials from Allegheny County also said they have also been part of deliberations with the state, and expect an announcement soon, but said that this would not be “a total shutdown” of businesses.

The fact Allegheny County even mentioned that tidbit makes me believe Herr Wolf is absolutely going to shut down the state, ruin our already horrid economy, and sit idly by while more and more people start drinking heavily, using drugs more frequently, or committing suicides at an alarming rate.

But hey, you can’t make an omelet without killing a few eggs, right?…

Oh, by the way, guess what Mister Wear-Your-Mask caught?

Also on Wednesday, Wolf announced he tested positive for COVID-19. Wolf said he received the positive test Tuesday and is in isolation at home.

Local talk show host Chris Stigall made a terrific point this morning. Der Führer claimed he did everything by the book when it came to Chinese Wuhan Virus precautions; wearing a mask, staying inside, and practicing social distancing. And yet, Wolf still contracted the disease.

So, if Der Führer caught the virus after doing everything the alleged “experts” told him to do, what is the rationale behind more restrictions? Wolf tweeted this yesterday:

“As this virus rages, my positive test is a reminder that no one is immune from COVID. Following all precautions as I have done is not a guarantee…”

So this asshole admits anyone can contract the disease while taking every precaution. SO WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU IMPLEMENT EVEN MORE RESTRICTIONS??? The restrictions, like the masks, will do nothing to protect people. You just said it yourself.

Pennsylvania has to suffer through three more years of this POS. I assume the commonwealth will be bankrupt well before Herr Wolf leaves office.

9 thoughts on “Der Führer Floats More PA Shutdowns

  1. I’d like to think that Gov Dipshit and his tranny freak’s actions would finally be enough to convince people in this state not to vote for Democrats, but I know better than that.


  2. Don’t forget, if a politicians lips are moving, said politician is lying. So, he’s obviously not telling anyone how or where he really got the virus.


  3. So what happens when the brain-dead public are finally allowed to go out with no mask? They wear the friggen mask when they shop, walk, drive & take a shower. Will their bodies be able to fight a simple cold? It really sickens me to see little children wearing masks.


  4. Officials from Allegheny County(meaning county executive Rich Fitzgerald) also said they have also been part of deliberations with the state, and expect an announcement soon, but said that this would not be “a total shutdown” of businesses.

    Yes Rich, being the honest and forthright person you are, we believe every thing you tell us. Just like when you said that you had no intention of raising county real estate taxes if you were elected to your first term and immediately raised them as soon as you were sworn into office………


  5. We have one of these socialist idiots in CA whom I like to call “Governor Nuisance”. He has all but shut down the whole state after setting up a 4-level “status” by county, with the latest yardstick being the number of available hospital beds for treating Covid-19 in each county. This has shut down all barber and beauty shops, all restaurants except take-out, and other businesses at max 20% of capacity (what ever that is). The hospitals have had a converted basketball stadium (old Arco Arena) converted for emergency use available to them, but none have taken any significant advantage of it for whatever reason. More and more people are beginning to realize the governor’s edicts are unenforceable by police and sheriffs, since they are not laws. There are still threats of fines, and many small businesses are risking the fines to stay out of bankruptcy. The governor himself has violated his own edicts, and even the leftist news media has had a field day with that. There is a petition circulating to recall Nuisance, and it’s open to signatures until March 2021.


  6. RG – Der Fuhrer kept his business open for months during the original shutdown. He’ll bankrupt everyone else, but he’ll keep making money.

    Cathy – My favorites are the dotls who wear masks while driving alone.

    Tam – Montgomery County is just as bad. Right outside of Philly, they were the first county to lock down and were gleeful about it. Horrible people.

    Mike47 – A recall is the only thing that will stop this fascism.


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