Learnin’ To Fly

The fact that Philadelphia has more than its share of dolts should not be a surprise. What may be a surprise is while Philadelphians do some really stupid things, most of us learn after the fifth or sixth time. “Mikey” from PhillyDroneLife is apparently a slower learner than the rest of us.

The story goes that in early November, a Philadelphia man named Mikey, who flies a drone without a professional license, received 123 notices of infractions from the FAA, $1,500 for each one. The total amount in civil penalties added up to $182,004. The violations were related to drone videos he live-streamed on YouTube from December 2019 to this past August.

Mikey operates a YouTube channel called PhillyDroneLife.

The FAA would have likely ignored some of these violations if he either 1. paid for the license, or 2. not live-streamed the damned infractions!

A week ago, on his YouTube channel, Mikey live-streamed a rambling, long-winded rant defending his actions, basically saying he was unaware of the laws he had broken, or making excuses. He cried, and thanked viewers who donated money in real time to support him.

Philadelphians have this inflated reputation of being tough as nails, but this guy goes on his YouTube channel and cries? Dude, you knew you didn’t have a license, and you flouted the law anyway; why would anyone sympathize with you?

I watched a recording of one of the videos he had live-streamed. Mikey, I quickly discovered, is a loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed guy — no crime there — but as I watched him fly his drone right over downtown Philadelphia at 1,000 feet or higher, in-between and around skyscrapers, I was horrified. I don’t know if a helicopter flying in the area could be seriously harmed if it struck a drone, but I concluded that no way should a drone hobbyist be allowed to fly in such an area.

Okay, the author of this article seems like a pantywaist. Yes, in theory, a helicopter could have been damaged, but that didn’t happen. So, you know, calm your tits.

As for the “loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed” remark, have you ever met a Philadelphian???

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