In Pennsylvania, Fascism Is Back In Vogue

Pennsylvania’s benevolent dictator has ordered a lockdown of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania until at least January 4th, 2021.

The pre-Christmas shutdown will likely signal doom for most retail stores, who are already suffering from Wolf’s previous capricious closures.

The restrictions include an indoor gathering limit of 10 and an outdoor gathering limit of 50. Retail stores may operate up to 50% capacity while gyms and indoor fitness centers will be ordered to close.

Movie theaters, concert venues, museums, casinos, bowling alleys and other entertainment venues will also be prohibited, Wolf said.

To be more precise, all indoor dining is now banned for restaurants, bars, etc., but you can still order takeout. Those establishments must close at midnight. The good news is Wolf is thinking of the children.

In-person extracurricular activities at schools will be paused as well as all sports at K-12 schools in the commonwealth. Professional and collegiate sports may continue to operate but fans remain banned from attending games.

What’s the difference between elementary and high school sports and college and pro sports? Oh, that’s right; professional and college sports make money, so they get a dispensation…

Thousands of student-athletes had their seasons canceled this year – including Kyle and Erik. Erik’s case is more severe because if Wolf cancels this season, it will make it more difficult to be recruited by a college. This prick is purposefully ruining kid’s lives, and he couldn’t care less.

Don’t even get me started on the depression many kids are experiencing. They’ve been locked inside for nine months, cannot socialize with their friends, and have no activities they can attend.

Well, at least he isn’t trying to stop you from attending religious services… Oh.

Churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and other houses of worship were excluded from the indoor gathering limits, but state officials “strongly encouraged” them to avoid congregating inside. Faith leaders should ”carefully weigh the health risks to their congregants given the immense amount of community spread of COVID-19,” the state’s advisory said.

Yeah, go f**k yourself. Wolf would like nothing better than to force religious people to stay home on Christmas or Hanukkah and effectively ruin the holiday season. Nice try, jerkoff; it’s not happening.

The restrictions go into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 12 until 8 a.m. on Jan. 4, 2021, Wolf said.

Why not immediately? If Der Führer believes this pandemic is an extinction-level event, why wait until midnight? Just lock everything down so you can implement your plan to ruin Pennsylvania’s economy for good.

You know, Tom Corbett (R) was not a great governor, but he was heads and tails above this a-hole.

7 thoughts on “In Pennsylvania, Fascism Is Back In Vogue

  1. Ronni – I hate even talking about this tool, but I figured it was significant enough to post. My squad was planning a mini Christmas Party tonight, and now that’s been cancelled. These people are drunk with power.


  2. This shit is messing up my dogs attitude. The dog park is closed so no running & chasing other dogs. It may sound trivial but I live with him & he’s not happy.

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