Waterford Is Not Levine It Alone

The Pennsylvania town of Waterford has started their own Rebel Alliance after a resident there began mocking the commonwealth’s secretary of health.

A message board entering the Erie County town of Waterford prompted a social-media stir this week by mocking Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s secretary of health.

The sign along U.S. Highway 19 read “don’t let a man in a dress rule us Waterford!” on Wednesday.

Not for nothing, but that’s freakin’ epic! It’s about time PA residents started resisting this tyrannical government.

Dr. Levine, who has been the public face of Pennsylvania’s controversial COVID-19 related lockdowns, was born Richard Levine and fathered two children, but transitioned to female in 2011.

This dude is the commonwealth’s highest-ranking health “professional,” which tells you all you need to know about Pennsylvania.

Liberals in Pennsylvania had demanded the removal of the sign as transphobic, especially after a video of the sign began being shared on social media.(H/T – Victoria)

The mocking has less to do with Levine’s “gender,” and more about Levine’s draconian safety measures while continually demanding Pennsylvania be shut down. It’s about people losing their businesses, their jobs, and their sanity. The mocking is just icing on the cake.

That said, liberals just stole the presidential election, so I’m pretty certain half the country couldn’t care less about their transphobic claims.

5 thoughts on “Waterford Is Not Levine It Alone

  1. I know this town, I lived there a good chunk of my life; I probably graduated from high school with the person who has that sign. That sign is nothing more than a reflection of shared frustrations around the country. Yes, Levine is an ugly man dressing as an ugly woman. THERE! I SAID IT!! It doesn’t matter WHO is making the demands, though. We’re all sick of it. I saw this morning on the devil Facebook that the sign now says “THE WOLF THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS.”


  2. Victoria – Only 26 more months until Wolf is gone. I suspect Pennsylvania will be a smoldering crater well before then.

    Mike AKA Proof – Funny how those in power can just do whatever they want without consequences.

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  3. Oh, the humanity! I just clicked on the link and once seen, it cannot be unseen! The eyebleach I’ll need will exhaust the world’s current supply.

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  4. Yes, I made a big mistake by googling pics of her as a man. All I can say is he makes one UGLY wanna be woman. And I have a hard time taking an obese doctor seriously.


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