POTUS Gets Hero’s Welcome

President Trump attended the Army-Navy game Saturday, and despite all the fact the Democrats are likely going to steal his second term, our military personnel still love the man.

President Donald Trump attended an Army-Navy game at the West Point military academy in New York on Saturday. His presence was met with cheers by the thousands of service members who attended the event, marking it the third straight year he has done so as the president.

As the address announcer intoned: “Ladies and gentlemen, the 45th president of the United States,” the audience of around 9,000 at Michie Stadium erupted in cheers, giving the president a standing ovation. Trump stopped in the Army end zone and waved as the crowd chanted “USA, USA, USA.”

A friend of mine who served in Kosovo texted me the clip since I missed the opening. You can say a lot about President Trump, but you can never question his affinity for our troops…

As the Baltimore Sun notes, “Trump attended Saturday’s 121st Army-Navy game, marking the third straight year he has done so as sitting president. Trump also attended the 2016 Army-Navy game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore as president-elect.”

With the possible exception of Reagan, no politician has ever connected with the American people like Donald Trump has. There may never be another president like him, and I never truly appreciated his presidency until the Democrats stole his election.

The video is below the fold…

The president isn’t even out of office yet, and I already miss him terribly.

7 thoughts on “POTUS Gets Hero’s Welcome

  1. Max – I wish I had your optimism, but with those POS’ at the Supreme Court dropping the Texas case, I fear Trump is doomed. And not for nothing, I think Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and ACB can all rot in Hell for screwing the president like that.


  2. What convinced me that the Dims completely stole this election was the revealing of absentee ballots from armed service members that were 100% for Biden…bovine scatology…


  3. there’s no way Trump came all this way, only to rely on a bunch of feckless cowards in black robes to save his bacon. He is a dead man if he loses, and he knows it. So he will not lose.


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