The Price Is Fright

London police are searching for a man who duped citizens into participating in a nude game show. Apparently the show was fake, and the perpetrator filmed many people attempting challenges while naked.

Several people in London were duped into being filmed naked after being convinced they were taking part in a fake “nude game show”, police say.

Victims were approached by a man, who claimed to work in the entertainment industry, and told they could win a prize of £5,000 by taking part in a programme, according to the Metropolitan Police.

In fairness, England puts out bizarre games shows like these all the time, so I can’t blame the contestants. This guy could only get away with it in Britain and Brazil.

One victim told detectives he was then taken to a hotel room in Newham, east London, where he was encouraged to take part in a series of “nude challenges”. However, the programme described to the man did not exist and police believe the suspect had instead filmed and kept the footage for his own gratification.

Ooo, I hope the guy had to play the ring toss game. That’s always fun!

8 thoughts on “The Price Is Fright

  1. Guy went to a hotel room for a game show and did ” a series of nude challenges” with no other contestants.
    Can it really be fraud if it’s that ridiculous? As a legal matter I mean.
    “Your honor, it was just a pick-up line, he’s not stupid enough to think that was actually a game show”


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