Tales Of The Golden Flunky

Okay, this will be one of my bi-monthly rants, so if some – read: most – of you want to ignore this, feel free. Either way, I had to get this off my chest.

So Kyle got his first job Monday. He was bored to tears sitting home during the lockdown and decided it would be in his best interests to take a dip into the shimmering pool of capitalism. He applied for a job at our nearest supermarket at the deli counter.

I am specifically not mentioning the supermarket chain because at least two people there are despicable halfway-humans.

Kyle worked about six hours the first day. One of the guys in the deli section trained him for a few hours to get him used to the machines, slicers, and dealing with customers. It seemed everyone there was nice and helpful, at least during the first day.

Yesterday was his second day, and when he walked into the supermarket at 8am – which is entirely too early for Kyle – there was an older woman at the deli. The trainer from the previous day was too busy to help Kyle. Anyway, as the day went by, the woman refused to help him, and worse, berated and yelled at him for asking questions. Remember, it was Kyle’s second day…

Eventually Kyle got his break and sent a text to Mrs. Earp, telling her what had been happening. Mrs. Earp asked Kyle to finish the shift, and decide what you want to do after that. Kyle agreed – he’s not the type of person to fly off the handle and walk off the job – so he decided to tough it out.

Kyle came home around 1-2pm, a few hours short of his shift. Mrs. Earp asked him what happened, and he said the woman was badmouthing Kyle to the manager, and instead of supporting Kyle, the manager agreed with this bitch. After hearing this, Kyle walked out of the break room dropped off his hat and apron, walked past these terrible halfway-humans, and quit.

Imagine if something like this happened in a professional situation. Imagine if Diego the Idiot Detective walked into my division, had no clue what to do, and we all just let him hanging in the wind? It would not only be unfair to Diego, but unfair to the corporation at large.

Kyle is not a troublemaker, and he doesn’t seek out fights, so I cannot fathom what he could have possibly done to make this sub-woman irate. Either way, the supermarket lost a hard worker, and they definitely lost customers. I will make it my mission to tell everyone I know to stay far away from this place. If that’s how they treat new employees, imagine how they treat customers.


Sorry, but this sort of thing drives me crazy.

14 thoughts on “Tales Of The Golden Flunky

  1. Did these people forget that they were once new and had to be trained? How rude and disrespectful of them and what a terrible example to set. It’s a wonder that deli has any customers. Welcome to the real world, Kyle. Unfortunately, it takes all kinds as Kyle found out.


  2. Ronni – The “woman” apparently shouted at an elderly customer, too. The guy turned to Kyle and said, “You have an admirer.” Kyle replied, “She hates me.”


  3. Been there and done that. My heart goes out to your son. Tell him it does get better and there are good decent people out there who will go out of their way to help. Obviously this woman was not one of them, but that’s life.


  4. From time to time, I’ve had job interviews by phone. Most of the times I was hired because I a) have decades of experience in my field and b: my reputation, like everyone else’s, precedes me. Once, however, stands out as a way to lose a good guy before he signs on with the company.

    During the job interview, they asked a few questions about my experience in combined cycle power plants. They had my resume in their hands that tells the dozen or so plants I had commissioned were located. I had also sent them, along with my resume, a Power Point show that gave examples of my work: graphics, database, and control logic. I mentioned this slideshow and asked if they had looked at it. One guy loudly said, “We don’t want anyone who just does graphics.” I replied, “Well, since you don’t realize I do more than graphics, I think you need to keep looking for someone to start up your plant. Have a nice day.” Click.

    Epilogue: They hired someone who accepted their low wage offer. And two weeks later they fired him for not knowing how to change a thermocouple input from degrees centigrade to degrees fahrenheit.

    You get what you pay for.

    Just tell Kyle to continue to do the best job he can when he gets another job. Not everyone is an @$$hole. (Like I am.)


    1. Unlike you, I was never in high demand. I did, however, do excellent work. The last interview I had, I just told the guy, “I can do far more than the jobs requires and you’ll be sorry if you don’t hire me.” No clue whom I was competing against, for all I know I was the only applicant, but I got the job and was there almost 25 yrs. Turned out, the people I worked with were like this woman Kyle dealt with. I just brushed them off like they didn’t exist and did my job. Well, I did theirs too and they took all the credit, but life is like that.

      Did that company call you back? I think you’d have explained that when you interviewed THEM, you found them lacking and had no desire to lower yourself to their expectations.


      1. I suspect they thought about it. But two weeks after the interview, I was on another job that paid more than they offered. Of course, I finished that job sooner than the project they had…. and went on to another one.


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