The Overton Window Closes

A Flori-Duh man died after a window closed on him during an alleged residential burglary.

Jonathan Hernandez, 32, was attempting to burglarize a home on Nora Avenue and 46th Street SW by climbing through a window. While he was partially through the window, it slammed down on him.

Hernandez’s neck was caught in the window, according to the incident report. He was dead by the time deputies arrived on scene.

This may shock you, but Jonathan’s family and friends believe there is more to this story…

His family and friends said they believe that’s not the full story and say looks can be deceiving.

Now I’m no detective, but I believe the window became sentient and crushed Jonathan’s neck to protect the window’s residence. Oh my God, it’s just like Maximum Overdrive!

6 thoughts on “The Overton Window Closes

  1. MelP – “Have you made your decision for Christ?”

    Mike AKA Proof – I thought about looking up his prior record, but figured it would have taken me all day to get through it.


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