Wall Of Voodoo

If you think the Trump administration has folded up their tents and started heading for greener pastures, you would be severely mistaken. Take Customs and Border Protection, for example…

Contractors hired by the Department of Homeland Security have built 426 miles of the border wall and are working around the clock to hit their target of 450 miles by January 1, according to supporters and critics of the barrier.

Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of President Donald Trump’s Customs and Border Protection agency, announced the programs in a tweet, which also spotlights the political and financial cost of President-elect Joe Biden’s promise to block construction of more border wall.

I mean, it’s entirely possible Illegitimate President Joe Biden will take down the wall on January 20th, but I have to give credit to Mark Morgan for working up until the final minute of President Trump’s term.

2 thoughts on “Wall Of Voodoo

  1. I am wondering what surprises he will leave for the dummycrats. And I want to be the fly on the wall that gets to enjoy the look on their silly faces.


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