Ho, Ho, Home!

Ladies, and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have officially commenced my Christmas vacation, so go find some other place to hand out for the next fifteen days!

Okay, I’ll obviously still be posting, but I will be doing so without being surrounded by callers, criminals, and my coworkers. I can see it now…

Look at them there, sullyling my chair,
There are jobs to enter, aren’t you aware?
That report needs a number, from someone less dumber,
Say hasta luego to idiot Diego.

Bullets are flying, and people are dying,
Ask how many dead, the mayor starts lying.
We work on our jobs with little fanfare,
Cause people in power really don’t care.

Eh, I’m no Dr. Seuss, but I played one in high school and college.

9 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Home!

  1. You know by the time you get back, the drones working in your division will have created a stack of paperwork for you to log in. Or even worse, the whole system will have been corrupted so bad it will take you weeks to sort it out.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – Spent the entire day shopping for last minute gifts. I already need a day off to sleep.

    RG – I’m still posting, but between decorations, shopping, and fixing lights which go out, I may have spans where I’m not by the computer.

    Al – I told my sergeant I expect the over/under on unassigned jobs will be thirty. I’m taking the over.

    Doc – I’m trying not to think about it.

    Mike AKA Proof – My first days back – Wednesday – there were 67 unassigned jobs, which built up over only two days. I was so stressed that I had severe stomach cramps. So I’m trying to ignore what will bee waiting for me.

    TX Nick – Die Hard was on the other day, It’s such a great film.

    Cathy – I’m planning to. After shopping today, I spent two hours chopping up ice and snow outside the house. We got hit with about 6-9 inches Wednesday.

    Mario – Thank you. And to you and yours.


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