Christmas Eve Philadelphia

I’ve always also posted the two greatest Christmas songs of all time on Christmas Eve. Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses and Christmas in Hollis (immortalized in Die Hard – the greatest Christmas movie) by Run-DMC.

The Guardian posted the story about the creation of Christmas Wrapping this year. The composer wanted nothing to do with a Christmas song, and never expected it would amount to anything. Now it’s one of the most popular Christmas songs with those of us who grew up in the 80’s.

Patty Donohue, the lead singer, passed away in 1996 from cancer. She was only forty years old.

And movie fan should remember this song from Die Hard, when Argyle is driving John McClane to Nakatomi Plaza.

Here’s hoping your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are festive.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Philadelphia

  1. DU – And to you and yours!

    RG – Agreed. I liked Die Hard 2 more than most, but I thought the villain – William Sadler – was really good.

    Tam – Wow, Frank Zappa. Nice.


  2. Merry Christmas to the Earp family. As a friendly reminder, the World Junior Hockey Championships start on Dec 25. At least some of the games should be on the NHL Network, but since I got rid of cale this summer, I’m researching options to watch them either online or through a Roku box connection.


  3. GDGM+ – We’ve been watching the warm up games. So far, it’s entertaining. And Kyle is very happy, The NHL season begins on his birthday – January 13.


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