Ah 2020, Never Change

I’m late with this post, mostly because I’m exhausted and my back/shoulder are awful today. I did want to put something up, though, and I found this perfect encapsulation of the year 2020.

Brazilian EVO Superbike racer André Veríssimo started celebrating his victory too early during the last race of 2020 and obviously I wouldn’t be posting this unless he ended up losing to what should’ve been the second and third place racers.

How is this even still happening in the year 2020? Haven’t we all watched enough videos on YouTube to know never to do this? The hubris of man. As long as there are races, there will be men who celebrate winning them too early and end up losing.

Sadly, this dumbass probably hasn’t learned his lesson. Check out the video below the fold…

5 thoughts on “Ah 2020, Never Change

  1. Ingineer – I mean, why not wait the extra thirty seconds?

    TX Nick – Sometimes those wheels just fall off…

    Cathy – No, probably not.

    Mike AKA Proof – With an extra helping of humble pie.


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