Fore!… Years In Prison

Meet Jonathan Day of Flori-Duh.

Jonathan was not having a good day while traveling the highways and byways of Florida, so after being angered by his fellow motorists, he did what any rational person would do: throw golf clubs at passing vehicles.

Troopers say they received a complaint this afternoon about the driver heading northbound on Interstate 75, throwing golf clubs from his work van near the Sun City Center Boulevard exit.

When a trooper caught up with him near Fowler Avenue and pulled him over, they say the driver got out of the van clutching a golf club.

I mean, who doesn’t like to go clubbing, amirite?

Once stopped, the officer is heard several times yelling for the driver to exit his van and put his golf clubs down. The man gets out of the van, but has a golf club with him. As the officer tries to get him on the ground, the driver tries to flee.

FHP said the driver then struck the trooper with a fist, and pulled at his uniform and radio. That’s when the trooper used his Taser to subdue him.

Hmm, I wonder if the taser gave Jonathan a few holes in one?

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