Chernobyl Rising

My neighborhood is very culturally diverse. We have people from all corners of the world, and many of them are from Ukraine. So when I see this story, I wonder how the citizens of Ukraine are infinitely more idiotic than my neighbors.

A Ukrainian dredging company, Sobi, is doing construction work in the Chernobyl area that some experts warn could cause more people to get sick and spread radioactive waste.

Specifically, Sobi has been dredging the Pripyat, a river that runs past the Chernobyl reactor, in order to create an inland shipping route, according to The Guardian. Groups that attempt to protect the public from nuclear radiation, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency, have warned that the dredging could cause radioactive sludge from the 1986 disaster to leach into the drinking water consumed by 8 million Ukrainians. Other NGOs, including the World Wildlife Fund and BirdLife, have accused the Ukrainian government of breaking the law by allowing the dredging despite not performing an environmental impact statement, which is mandated by Ukrainian regulations.

Despite these concerns, Sobi has continued with its work since July.

Look, I understand Ukraine has been as corrupt – or more so – than Russia has recently, but dredging the Pripyat would poison their own water supply. I mean, most men there will likely die from liver failure before they’re forty, but at least give the women a chance. Morons.

5 thoughts on “Chernobyl Rising

  1. I now live fairly close to a branch of the Ukrainian Federal Credit union. There is a large population of them in this area. I guess they wanted to get out while the getting is good. This seems like it could be done relatively safely, but what are the odds that really happens.


  2. RG – I expect he’ll get a lot of money to keep his mouth shut.

    MelP – It’ll be nice to have some more Ukrainians in PA…

    Ingineer – Likely less than 40%; especially with the corruption at work there.


    1. in regards to your comment to MelP, at least you’ll know them when you see them, they’ll glow in the dark. Probably they’ll glow 24×7.


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