Hittin’ The Road

A lot of businesses and families pulled up their stakes and fled the big cities in search of a better, less taxing life. Many of these movers fled the Northeast and their fascist governments for greener pastures down south.

The findings, along with a wealth of more granular detail, were included in the annual Magnet States Report on migration trends within the U.S. from Allied Van Lines, one of the world’s largest moving companies.

Within Texas — which benefited from a “business-friendly climate” — the city that drew the most companies was Houston, known as “Space City” for role in space operations by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Texas is great, but why anyone would voluntarily move to Houston is beyond me. It’s Philadelphia with a better climate.

California ranked as the second-most popular destination for companies, followed by Illinois, Florida and North Carolina. The states had all been fan favorites within the corporate world prior to the pandemic, nabbing the top spots in 2019 as well.

I was going to ponder why any company would relocate TO California, but then I remembered most every company in America is run by leftists. So Cali would be the perfect destination.

California, Arizona and North Carolina were also top destinations for consumers over the course of 2020.

I don’t get this at all. Why would regular people move to California, considering it’s ridiculous policies and fascist politicians? I get the state is beautiful, but why would you want to suffer under progressive policies? Arizona is gorgeous – I love it there – as is North Carolina, but neither are on my retirement list. (Arizona taxes pensions, and North Carolina is eventually turning blue.)

Eventually I’m headed south as well. Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, or Mississippi is where I’m looking at the moment. Heavy red states with lower taxes and less disgusting politicians.

16 thoughts on “Hittin’ The Road

  1. There is something wrong with this story. The current exodus from CA is well-known, and increasing each month. The communistic rules shutting down businesses due to COVID is also well-documented, and hundreds of businesses have gone broke and will never come back. Nobody with half a brain would step into the situation to live or set up business here under current conditions. The Magnet States Report is either way out of date or bullsh*t.

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  2. This is actually kind of scary, you just KNOW these idiots will infect their new homes and communities with liberalism. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote for at least ten years.


  3. Mike AKA Proof – When driving to Texas to pick up Kyle, we went through Arkansas. Everything was gorgeous until we hit Little Rock. People were extraordinarily nice, though.

    Mike47 – I wonder if it’s like polling Trump voters. Maybe these people say California to make the pollsters happy?

    RG – Agreed. I think that’s their plan. They turn every state blue, damn the aftershocks.


  4. OK, time to confess. For the past almost 34 years I’ve worked in the admin/fiscal part of the welfare dept. People that move here are coming for our extremely generous welfare benefits. It used to be a game to go out to the parking lot & see which states were on the license plates of cars filled with all their wordly possessions.

    Also, I’m betting that the media/poll takers are trying to prop up that gov as Kamala’s VP when Joe gets removed (sorry, I refuse to claim the greasy b@stard). I’m betting that Fancy Nancy is going to push & blackmail to get him in there. Especially since we’re closing in on the 1 million signatures mark towards getting the doofus recalled. We need 1.5 million

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  5. Doc – I haven’t visited Alabama, but I hear a ton of good things. The only drawback is Kyle hates Alabama football, but we could get past that. If we go to TN, we’d cheer for Memphis… except when they’re playing SMU. 🙂

    MelP – So it’s no better than Philly. They give benefits to anyone and everyone, and figure us working stiffs will foot the bill.


    1. Of all the states you mention on your list, the only one I would choose is Tennessee. No state income tax, four seasons each year, beautiful country, and very nice people.


        1. I am an “out west” person and love the desert, mountains, and open space. My lovely bride’s best friend from high school moved to Tennessee. We have visited twice. They live about 40 miles east of Nashville in the country near the town of Sparta. All I can tell you is that I fell in love with Tennessee. It is very beautiful and the few people I met were warm and congenial. The place is beautiful. On one trip we went to Great Smokey National Park, but didn’t have a lot of time. I did get the opportunity to hike up Klingman’s Dome. It’s not a long hike – straight up, but I was in a hurry. My wife waited in the car and I went up and back in about 30 mins. It would probably take me 2 hrs now that I’ve turned back into a porker from doing nothing for almost a year. I digress… Tennessee appears to me to be a place anyone would like as long as you stay away from any of the big cities. I’m sure you would like living there, especially while you sit on your porch taking in the smell, watching the sunset and having a cocktail, all the while smiling that you have left Philly behind. Are you under 1400 yet?


  6. I read a story yesterday and it said California was the number 2 state for people leaving. New Jersey was number one and New York was number 3. I know several people that have left or are leaving this state. I would love to as soon as I retire, but the Mrs. doesn’t want to leave grand kids. I keep telling her we can fly back and visit for less than it costs to live here. And I can actually buy whatever guns or cars that I want in a free state.


  7. I moved to Houston for work back in 2005. Is it the same as Philadelphia? Depends on what you like. That said, I live in Conroe, north of Houston. People are friendlier, and much more conservative.

    On the downside, when I tried to order a cheesesteak and asked what kind of cheese they had the kid behind the counter looked around and said: “round”.

    And can’t get scrapple anywhere.


    1. There is a Tex-Mex cafe in a Vallero gas station in La Porte, just east of Houston (1601 W Fairmont Pkwy Suite A, La Porte, TX 77571) that serves the absolute best burritos & soft tacos in the area. You should try them if you are in that neck of the woods. Also, Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen (2631 Underwood Rd, La Porte, TX 77571) is another place that should be on your bucket list.

      “When in Rome…”


  8. Rudy – Probably less violent than Philly, but run by the same types of people. Although that could be said about Dallas, Fort Worth, etc. Most everyone I saw or interacted with in Texas was great, but I know there are also a lot of leftist kooks infiltrating the state. It’s why I probably won’t move there. I assume it’ll be blue in a few years.

    Cheesesteaks aren’t cheesesteaks most places because Philly-born owners aren’t making them.


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