The Johnstown Ladies Sing A Song…

A Johnstown, PA man was arrested after he allegedly “borrowed a police car” to pick up chicks. (For the record, that totally works! Chicks really dig the sirens.)

Troopers say they were called to East Conemaugh Borough Sunday for reports of a suspicious vehicle. They say a man called police after he saw a marked Stoneycreek Township Police car parked in front of his house shining a spotlight into his home.

The man told police that a male in a camouflage sweatshirt came to his front door twice asking for a woman. Troopers say they found the Stoneycreek Township Police car and 41-year-old Chad Moore inside.

Of course the man’s name was Chad, and he probably had something hanging out of his pants.

Moore told troopers that he wasn’t a cop, but he had “borrowed” the car from the police department so he could look for his “soon-to-be girlfriend,” according to the complaint. (H/TMis. Hum.)

Sadly, the Johnstown Flood of 1889 didn’t wipe out this guy’s ancestors. Oh well, Chad’s loss is our gain.

3 thoughts on “The Johnstown Ladies Sing A Song…

  1. Looking for his future girlfriend. I don’t know whether to reward this guy or send him for chemical castration. Takes moxie to pull a stunt like that.


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