This Godforsaken Year Is Almost Over

While it’s conceivable that none of us will be attending a lavish New Year’s Eve party tonight – thanks fascist Democrat politicians – it is possible some of you will sneak out to get some thrills before the worst year in recorded history concludes.

Of course, your New Year’s Eve could be like mine last year, where I spent three hours waiting for someone to change Kyle’s tire on the coldest night of the year. He popped a tire on his way to a party, I sat and waited for the tow AFTER I drove him to the party. By time I got home, all the munchies were gone, because my kids are little piggies.

But I digress.

That said, the majority of people on the roads tonight will be either mildly toasted, or vomiting in their own laps. Don’t drink and drive, and if you have to drive, steer clear of populated roads. It’s a terrible night for accidents, especially fatals. I certainly cannot lose any more readers, and I’m not a good enough blogger to attract new ones.

9 thoughts on “This Godforsaken Year Is Almost Over

    1. I never thought about it, but that’s the way I looked at my lovely bride the first day I saw her and it’s still the way I look at her today, after almost fifty years. I end up just as crazy and stupid and it’s not even booze.

      I would wish everyone all a Happy New Year, but the only way that will happen is if Trump pulls off the miracle victory, otherwise, 2021 is going to suck more than 2020, as is every year after that. I do wish all of you health and prosperity living in this crazy world.

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  1. Mike47 – Not sure I have either, but I’m trying. When I first started I took hours to put up posts. I have a lot less time now, so sometimes the posts are rushed. I gotta be better.

    MelP – I wish Vica Kerekes looked at me like that…

    RG – It may suck either way. I obviously want Trump to overcome this fraud, but the Democrats AND Republicans won’t let it happen. But hey, I’m a pessimist.


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