So, Where Do We Go From Here?

One of my favorite films of all time is “The Dark Knight.” It resonates with me because I’ve spent half my life dealing and interacting with criminals. Most of those criminals are not exactly masterminds, but once in a blue moon you come across a truly brilliant criminal. It’s why I admire the Joker character.

Now while I would never compare the clowns in Washington, D.C. to the Joker – the Joker is much more intelligent – I do believe many of these people are criminals. The fact of the matter is the Democrats – particularly in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona – stole the 2020 election by submitting fraudulent ballots, and destroying Trump ballots.

The president, and to a lesser extend, a few GOP senators, immediately pled their case to the states, the courts, and the American people. The states, courts, and media refused to even acknowledge the accusations. Yet Trump persisted, and continued to provide evidence of his claims: sworn eyewitness accounts of ballots arriving in the dead of night, proof of Dominion voting machines canceling out ballots, stolen voting machine USBs from a Philadelphia warehouse, etc…

Again, no one would listen… because everyone was in on the steal. Trump was an outsider; a hurricane who was going to fix Washington, D.C. and drain the swamp. That could not be allowed to happen, so Democrats and Republicans began to turn on the president. You knew Romney, Sasse, et. al, would turn, but then it was real people, like Loeffler – who claimed she would object to the election results, then immediately changed course when she lost her election.

Pence, for my part, was the worst of them all. He wavered after the election, and never believed the election was stolen, despite the evidence. Worse still, he gleefully said, “Let’s get back to work” after yesterday’s breach; a gesture which secured him a standing ovation.

The fact of the matter is nearly everyone in Trumps cabinet, his staffers, and aides turned on him yesterday; although many did so well before. It has been a sickening display.

President Trump ran for president because he loved America, and did so at great personal risk. The Democrats (and Republicans) fought him tooth and nail for four years with bullshit investigations and an impeachment. His family has been verbally and physically attacked, and his personal reputation is forever stained by the media. The history books will remember him as a tyrant, but it’s up to us to tell our children and grandchildren the truth. Trump was a patriot whose only crime was loving this country.

Having said that, I think it’s best to control our anger. Sure, we all should be enraged at what has happened in this country since election day, but anger will get us nowhere. The Republican Party does not care about its voters – that is obvious by their response to the fraud and the disenfranchisement of our votes – so we need to stop caring about them. For the record, this is my plan going forward.

1. I doubt I’ll ever vote again because Philadelphia and Pennsylvania has no problem discarding ballots cast for “the wrong candidate.”
2. If I do bother to vote again, I will never ever vote for another local GOP incumbent, which is a shame because my state representative is pretty good.
3. I will not vote for another Republican candidate until they start addressing our needs. (So basically I will never vote for another GOP candidate.) I obviously will never for for a Democrat, but the GOP is dead to me.

Obviously, you folks will be guided by your consciences, but that’s my plan, and I will follow it until the Republican Party wakes the f**k up.

15 thoughts on “So, Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. You are preaching to the choir, Wyatt. The GOP hasn’t been the same since Reagan. Both Bushes were RINOs in my opinion. TERM LIMITS are a necessity if we want to try and keep those in the swamp a tiny bit honest in their dealings.


    1. As Harvey ay IMAO once wrote, we’re the rinos.
      The GOP is just part of the uniparty, we were fooled into thinking we belonged in their party.


  2. I’m with you, Wyatt. I have voted in every single election since I was eligible. Never again. I am wasting my time.

    And I am more furious with the despicable republican party than I am with the democrats. At least the democrats are honest about their dishonesty. They have always told us who they are and what they’re going to do. The damned GOP has been lying to us since at least 1992.

    To hell with all of them.


  3. All Trump’s staff who are quitting in protest are traitors and swamp creatures.
    They’re out in a couple weeks anyway, resigning now is a big F U to anybody upset about a stolen election and a job interview for the incoming scumbags.


  4. Ronni – Never happen, because they’ll never vote to end their power. I wish we could, but we can’t.

    Veeshir – The more I think about it, every one of them were on their own side. Every. One.

    CJB – I look at it this way. I don’t have to wake up early to vote anymore. Worst part is this was Kyle’s first election and the only thing he learned was the system is rigged.

    KDKong – I cannot see a way we ever have free and fair elections again. Certainly not in Pennsylvania.

    Veeshir – Levin talking about this now. McConnell’s wife is resigning… Monday. If you’re so offended, then resign now, you twat!


  5. Totally agree. Mr. Soros won big…The total lack of character demonstrated by the GOP is unbelievable. The overt stealing of the military APO absentee ballots was remarkable…Fulton County, 100% for Biden…how many of the DOJ, FBI, Homeland Security, Joint Chiefs of Staff swore an oath to protect us from ‘enemies, both foreign and domestic…’?….


  6. Doc – They all know, and none of them care. They’re conspirators in a plot to steal the presidency, but who do we go to for justice? No one, because all the alphabet organizations are totally corrupt.

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  7. I am NOT voting for another national GOP Candidate again. MT went totally red last year with NO DEMONRAT in a state office. We have one Demonbrat senator to get rid of in 2022 (he won in 16) and then we will be all red. But as far as the national party goes they can kiss my ass. Especially when it comes time to vote for the president. I have been voting Red since 1980. After reagan the national party say hey Bush is better than the Demonrat. When it came time for them to support a truly peoples candsidate they did everything to destroy him. Well no more PRESIDENTTrump was sahafted by the knife in the back cngresscritters and RINOS (especially that POS Romney). So from now on they can kiss my ASS



  8. Sabre – Can’t argue with that. My state representative is very good, but unless she wows me with action on getting rid of mail-in voting, I’ll vote for her primary challenger. The PA GOP is arguably the worst in the country, and there are a lot of conservatives here. Yet they sat on their hands while Bidden stole the state.


  9. It’s the same over here in England.
    The Labour party finally deserted the working (middle in the USA) class years ago, when Blair became the leader of that party.
    The Tories knifed Thatcher in the back and ever since they’ve become a social democrat party, now ruled by the most inept cabinet and PM in history.

    Both parties are dead, i haven’t voted for either for well over 20 years and voting in the future now seems pointless, any patriotic alternatives routinely get taken out or betrayed from within by those with agendas.

    It’s not just you in the States who are appalled what has happened to President Trump, the sheer scale of the theft and the sheer numbers of deserters and backstabbers that were finally revealed on the 6th has proved to anyone still awake just how deep is the corruption.

    Good luck to you all.


  10. Judd – I remember when the U.K. dismissed the Iron Lady, and how angry I was when they left her out to dry. I weep for what Britain has become, but honestly, I think you’re in better shape than America will be by year’s end.

    I think what started America’s decline was Barack Obama’s visceral hatred for this country as founded. Then, when Republican politicians addressed the Benghazi attacks, and found no wrongdoing by Obama’s administration, we were cursed forever.


  11. You have the same issues as we have, Wyatt.

    RINOs with no conservative backbone, just as we have Tories who are fake Conservatives who have no intention of conserving anything.
    As always a few, too few, honourable exceptions, ie those handful who stood by Trump on Wednesday, Senator Cruz and the few, and in England the 16 who voted against our third national lockdown, otherwise we are surrounded by traitors, but at least we have all finally come to realise that after all these years.

    We’re both stuck with the Uniparty.
    Personally i’ve given up voting, about the only thing i can be arsed to do now is wander up the polling centre and spoil my ballot, i utterly refuse to vote negatively, ie vote for some unelectable fool just to keep a supposed even worse fool out, i will only vote again when i have a positive vote to make.

    I would have been honoured to have voted for DJT and to have called him My President.
    Ignore all the bollocks that you might hear watch or read about how despised DJT is in England, our politicians no more speak for decent people who work for a living here than the MSM, all are fake, you would not believe how overjoyed decent people were in England at Trump’s election and the respect that man was held in.

    The only silver lining on the clouds i see ahead is one Donald Trump, a man they couldn’t buy, a man who stood for something, i honestly believe they have made a grave error, he’s a fighter and he’s going to make their lives hell, he might even prove to be a more dangerous enemy for them than if he was constrained by being President for the next four years.

    No we won’t be watching with awe the spectacle of the coming farce of the crowning of bidet, to have witnessed even on televison the inauguration of President Trump was truly wondrous.



  12. Judd – After all the investigations, sham impeachment, etc., Trump was shown to be one of the most honest, uncompromised presidents in American history. They threw everything they had at him and came away with nothing. Sure, the left will call him a Nazi, but the man – and his business – is spotless.

    I am sad mostly because he threw away his business and his reputation because he wanted to make America that shining beacon on the hill. He did it because he loves this country, and they ruined him for it.


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