Feel-Good Friday

Meet Gideon Zinn of Indiana.

Gideon began a fundraising campaign for Puerto Rico hurricane relief after attending Vocation Bible School and learning about the Send Relief program. Gideon is nine years old.

Brian and Emily Zinn describe their son as quiet and reserved, so they were surprised when he started a fundraising project at his Indiana elementary school.

9-year-old Gideon learned about Send Relief through Vacation Bible School. He got excited about helping meet families’ physical needs while also sharing the love of Jesus. In his words,

“It’s great to help people, but they need something more than that—God. I chose to raise money for Send Relief because I saw a video about how you were helping in Puerto Rico after the hurricanes and sharing the gospel,” says Gideon. “I thought that was neat. I knew if I donated, I could probably help more people like that.”

Soon afterwards, they were hard at work making coasters to sell at a school fundraising event. Gideon wanted to do most of the work himself, so his father Brian helped him saw 4-by-4 boards and watched as he crafted and sanded nearly 100 custom-made coasters.

What an amazing story, and an equally amazing boy.

5 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. Kudos to Gideon on his giving heart and also to mom and dad for raising their son with compassion for others not as fortunate.


  2. I love good people. We’re all sinful beings, but we are still capable of doing great things and treating our fellow man in kind and generous ways. Great story!


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