20 thoughts on “Weekend Caption Contest

  1. She is pissed because you cheated on her. When she wakes up & sees her black eye you better have a good hiding place.


  2. All the good comments are taken. I got here a tad too late today.

    I guess, “They don’t call her Calamity Jane for nuthin’.”


  3. First she held the butt of the rifle against her right side, then the second time, she held it against her left side. Now, so keep from any more swelling, she’s holding it on top of her shoulder.


  4. “I’ve had it with the conservatives in this neighborhood. Time to beat them at their own game. Keep walking, Laura, I’ve got you right in my sights. This poor girl will have no idea what hit her…”

    Laura, ten seconds later: “Can you tell me what you did wrong here, Karen?”


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