Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

Thanks to the competing forces of the Chinese Wuhan Virus, BLM/Antifa riots, Democrat city and state lockdowns and the collapse of America, ammunition is now extremely difficult to find.

At stores, handfuls of boxes of even some of the most sought-after calibers are spending some time on the shelf before being snatched up. And an indoor range has been able to lean on longtime relationships and a unique business model to keep plenty of ammo available for those who use the range.

But the ammo shortage, which began with fears of COVID-19, continued through a summer of demonstrations and a fall presidential election, is still frustrating customers and ammo sellers alike.

Rocky Mountain Discount Sports manager Madison Pendley said while she had seen some improvement by December, ammo for common self-defense weapons in particular was still both hard to acquire and to keep on the shelves.

Most gun store owners believe the ammo shortage will continue through 2021, so if you’re a gun owner, and need some ammunition, you may want to check online. There are a few places which still have a decent inventory, but that may not last long.

10 thoughts on “Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

  1. Maybe a lame explanation, but along with supply and demand, much of our lead comes from China. They have cut off the supply. What a surprise. Ammo makers are fnding it harder to get lead.


  2. Even hand loaders (reloaders) are having a hard time finding components. Primers are especially scarce. They are available on the Gunbroker auction site, but the going rate for primers is somewhere between 10X – 20X the normal price. Good thing that I’ve always kept an ample supply for my needs and those of my non reloading friends for whom I make ammo. I may have to rethink that and just keep the stocks for myself until the supply eases up again. If it does………


  3. RG – Should have known that, but I didn’t. I guess ammo will be scarce until the end of Biden’s illegitimate term.

    Tam – Yeah, the government would like nothing more than keeping ammunition from the plebes.


    1. That’s what they were trying to do in the reign on the child prince (y’know, the disaster before Trump).They figured out that they really couldn’t do much about the guns, so they were trying to figure out how to make it more difficult to get ammo.


    2. Don’t forget that during the OVomit years, the government in departments far and wide was buying millions of rounds of ammo. That stuff is still out there just waiting for us to do something that pisses them off and then we’ll need to duck, run, and seek cover.


    3. I am still wondering where all the billions of rounds of ammo went that the feds bought during the obama reign of error.


  4. There have been some articles on government agencies stockpiling ammunition. Many agencies totally removed from law enforcement have their own armed SWAT teams.
    If you get a gov’t contract for a gazillion rounds and an order from Bill’s Fish and Bait shop for ten boxes…which customer are you going to try to keep happiest?
    Government gets first dibs on supplies.


  5. MelP – Yep, have all the guns you want… we’ll just slow walk the ammunition.

    RG – If we go to the range on our own time to shoot, the city gives us two boxes of ammo. I’ll need to start doing that.

    Mike AKA Proof – Yeah and I’m sure the ammo will be on hand to continue the deplatforming of conservatives.

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  6. Fortunately, I have a pretty good stock of ammo on hand. Freedom Munitions still has some stock and prices are not exorbitant.

    Sad news is that I lost all the firearms that would use that ammunition in freak boating accidents.


    1. Rudy, if you got $600 in funny money from the government of the former U.S. of A., just go out and by another gun. Something should be available for under 600 bucks


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