The Purge Continues

The Philadelphia Police Department has followed Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s lead in crushing its members’ Constitutional rights. The department’s Internal Affairs Unit is investigating a detective who had the temerity to attend President Trump’s rally on January 6th.

A Philadelphia police detective from the unit that investigates the backgrounds of potential recruits has been temporarily reassigned based on a tip that she attended the rally in Washington where President Donald Trump incited his followers to storm the Capitol.

Attending a political rally while off-duty is now an offense which needs to be investigated by Internal Affairs. Philadelphia saw 500 homicides last year, but this is what they’re investigating?

Detective Jennifer Gugger was removed from her position in the police department’s Recruit Background Investigations Unit on Saturday after Internal Affairs received social media posts indicating that she had been at the Wednesday event, departmental sources said.

Why any police officer would be on social media is beyond me, especially after a handful of officers were fired for their Facebook posts in 2019. (It’s also why you will never see me on social media.)

The good news is the department’s investigation is on solid ground…

The tip did not include evidence that Gugger had been inside the Capitol or had participated in the violence.

So some ignorant Karen sent copies of the detective’s posts to the department, but none of the posts have evidence she breached the Capitol or assaulted anyone? Yeah, rock-solid stuff, guys.

For the record, if the detective is assigned to RBI, she likely has a lot of time on the job. I sincerely doubt the detective was foolish enough to risk her career over something so stupid. She would know trespassing is a federal offense, and she would know everyone there had cellphone cameras.

That said, the department will vigorously investigate this thought-criminal for exercising her Constitutional rights, because the current rulers of Birthplace of Liberty never read the Constitution.

18 thoughts on “The Purge Continues

  1. And another sane police officer will quit. Keep it up. You will not like what you get & I will laugh watching the idiots cry.


  2. Fear of being fired is why I no longer post anything political to social media sites. I have taken to posting puns which people seem to enjoy since they are neither left or right leaning.


  3. This detective should be hung from a gallows at the top of the steps where Rocky was. A traitor if there ever was one.


  4. so, I guess you can’t put an “html” code that simulates the end of “sarcasm”. It truncated right off. I would assume everyone would know the above was in fact my poor attempt at sarcasm.


  5. Ronni – A few of you guys asked me to join this or that social media site, but this is why I never join. If you don’t think the department is monitoring their employees, looking for a way to get them fired, you don’t know this city.

    RG – Yeah, because you just parroted every leftist’s thoughts. There were people on Twitter that were saying banning Parler and banning conservatives from Twitter was “great.” They’re all for this… until the mob comes for them.

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  6. Tried to go to Second City Cop blog (at blogsnot) today, purged.
    They have a twitter page I found when I duck duck goed SCCB, sure enough, purged.

    Battle space preparation.


    1. It’s only a matter of time until the Corral is gone. I think SCCB was on Blogger, which is very left. WordPress? Who knows. I’d suggest copying down my email in the sidebar in case of the inevitable.


      1. They’re at “blosnot.commie”, it is blogger I guess, owned by Google.
        They’re probably about to be bounced from twitter and facebook (if they have a presence there) too.

        So… how does one build his own internet?


        1. I still have my Blogspot account and when I went to the site, I had to log in. Site is still up, but it’s protected. You need permission to view the site now. Don’t blame them.


  7. I enjoy communicating with everyone here. I have a couple of private email addresses, but I’ve been pondering how to pass mine along. I am doing all I can to secure my digital life. One of those things is my email. I have just started using a new service called “Trashmail” which is at

    You create an account with username/password and then enter your REAL email address. If you don’t want to reveal your address to, just don’t use the service. Once you’re account is setup, you can create temporary aliases with time expirations.

    I set one up that will expire in 7 days:

    All the bots in the world can email that address for 7 days, so who knows, maybe I’ll get 7 days of spam, but anybody here can use it to send me an email too. I have to admit, I wouldn’t respond to anyone that hasn’t been a long time member of this blog. I figure sometime in the near future, small time conservative blogs like this or others will just disappear.


  8. P.S. I may have set it up to only receive a small number of emails. I’m still learning the whole service. It’s designed for people that don’t want a lot of spam and use a temporary address for short term. Guess I’ll find out if it works.


  9. RG – I heard a lot of people talking about ProtonMail. It’s out of Sweden, I think, and they don’t track you and have a pretty impressive VPM for only $4 a month. I was going to look into it on my days off.


    1. ProtonMail is easily found at The service is in Switzerland, where they have serious privacy laws. You can get a free account, but it’s limited. If you would like to have encrypted email, just remember, it’s only encrypted with another user of protonmail. If all of us were on ProtonMail, we could send encrypted email. If you read through it, they have amazing stuff. My son has already moved our domain to protonmail, so when you send me an email, that’s where it’s going to go. If you don’t have your own domain, you’d end up with a type address and would have to tell everyone you have a new address.

      Everyone I know is talking about all this stuff and figures that no matter what they do, the left will just shut all that stuff down. I figure I will just keep as far ahead of the game as I can, but even though we live in a country where Donald J. Trump is STILL our president, we do in fact live in a society that is no longer free. No free speech whatsoever. Now that people have see the left was serious about that, they probably realize that the left is coming for amendment number 2 next. That should prove quite interesting to say the least.

      My advice, decide how much digital security you want in your life and start making it happen to the best of your ability. If that means putting your family on protonmail, do it. At the very least get Signal on your phone so you can send encrypted texts, making encrypted audio calls, and even have encrypted video. It’s the app of choice for most security professionals. Way past my time, I left the security field in 2011, but I have a son who is light years ahead of where I ever was, so I listen to what he has to say. #1 thing in your whole life – get rid of Google out of your life to the best of your ability.


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