True Detective Stories

As you can see in the sidebar, the 2021 Philadelphia Murder Counter has begun, and already we’re pushing twenty homicides in the first week and a half.

To say the criminals have been emboldened thanks to the pro-thug policies of our Soros-appointed District Attorney is a ridiculous understatement. No one cares about being arrested because they’re well aware they will not be charges; at least not for anything resembling a felony.

Look, I could care less what happens to this city anymore. It’s a leftist stronghold which became Ground Zero for the Stolen Election, and we will likely exceed 500 murders – again – this year. So hey, if the thugs want to kill each other, who am I to interfere?

Having said that, there was an incident I’ve never seen – or even heard about – Friday afternoon.

We usually have a police radio on in the division – partly to know what’s going on in the division, and partly because it takes cops an hour to let us know when someone has been shot. On Friday we heard an officer screaming into the mic, “Shots fired, shots fired!” Naturally everyone’s ears perked up.

The officers put out flash information – sex, race, description, direction of travel, etc. – and called for backup. Shortly thereafter, we learned what happened…

So two officers and a sergeant were handling a job where a mentally unstable man was roaming the streets. He was harmless, but they had to answer the call. While the officers are talking to the man, another male walks across the street toward the officers. The man stops about twenty feet from the officers, pulls out a gun, and starts firing at a woman on that side of the street, striking her at least once. The shooter then runs down the street, leaving the woman in critical condition.


The officers, for their part, did not chase the offender. They were too shocked that some a-hole would try to murder someone so close to cops, plus, they needed to get the victim to the hospital.

I’ve seen a lot of shite in twenty-six years. I had a homicide where the doer shot a man in the skull right down the block from where I was. While walking up to a vehicle stop, the driver put a shotgun under his neck and pulled the trigger. One New Year’s Eve, a man in the projects started firing an AK-47 in the air about fifty yards from me. But I have never, ever, seen something so brazen as this jackass.

Philadelphia has always been a very violent city, but when Soros-appointed D.A. Larry Krasner took office in 2018, he was at least honest with the voters. He stated he wanted to reform the criminal justice system and reduce incarcerations. Krasner has done both, and his policies are exactly why the violence has skyrocketed; because there are no repercussions for shooting people anymore.

Since 2018, our homicide numbers went from 353, to 356, to 500. I guarantee 2021 will eclipse those numbers, especially if the hood rats continue killing people like it’s free.

Oh: My shoulder MRI is set for today, so if I’m a little scarce this afternoon, that’s why.

8 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. The peeps who elected the twits to office will be angry with what is happening. They will move to a better place. They have very few working brain cells & will elect twits in the new city. We can only hope that a lot of them will walk out into traffic while texting what they had for lunch.


  2. Mike47 – May not happen. Doctor’s staff forgot my script. Mrs. Earp on phone giving them the business right now.

    Cathy – In any other city, yes. People born here due here. They won’t leave. They’re angry but they’ll stay here, thankfully.


  3. Good luck with the shoulder. All these liberal politicians are killing this country. And at the national level it is about to go into turbo mode.


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