Shoulder Of Fortune

Today I was able to see the orthopedic surgeon about my shoulder. I’ve already had my x-rays and an MRI, so today was judgment day. The surgeon was great; very friendly, very knowledgeable, and my primary physician said he’s a genius in the operating room.

The doc pored through the MRI and had me stand up to twist and turn my shoulder and left arm. The tests were very painful, but necessary. My primary doctor called me yesterday, and after reading the MRI, he concluded there was a partial tear in my labrum and my tendon. The surgeon disagreed.

Instead, the surgeon said my bicep is hanging on by a thread, and I have tendonitis in the shoulder and bursitis. The labrum has a partial tear, but the surgeon said he would reattach that to bone. That means surgery.

The good news is surgery isn’t too terrible. Recovery time is expected to be four to six weeks, and I’m not allowed to go to the gym – with the exception of doing cardio – until after I’m recovered. The surgeon did give me a shot of cortisone in my shoulder, which should relieve the pain.

I go back in two weeks for a reevaluation, but the surgeon doesn’t believe physical therapy will fix the problem. As it stands, I’ll likely go under the knife sometime in late February or early March.

7 thoughts on “Shoulder Of Fortune

  1. I am glad you have answers and they can fix the problem. I had rotator cuff surgery and they also had to shave an inch off the acromion and was amazed at how quickly things heal and how nice it is to be pain free. Best of luck with your surgery.


  2. Ronni – The worst part was the cortisone. I’ve had the shots in my knee often, and it’s misery. In the shoulder? I almost wanted to say no and embrace the pain.

    Mike AKA Proof – I told the doc he could just saw off the arm and gimme something like the Winter Soldier.

    Ozborn – Thanks. I can do 4-6 weeks on the mend. Much better than the worst scenario – a full year.


    1. Wyatt. I didn’t burst into tears, puke, and pass out when I got the cortisone shot in my shoulder, but it was a near thing.
      The surgery and the PT aftermath weren’t fun, but it was all better than living with the random lightning bolts of pain.


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