True Detective Stories

So I took Monday off because my MRI was scheduled that afternoon. As a result, I was unable to go to work, and a fill-in had to take over in my absence. Monday night was apparently a nightmare, with lots of shootings, assaults and robberies.

I was warned of this clusterfrak of jobs and incompetence, so I attempted to gird my loins for the disaster which would be waiting for me. Upon arrival, I saw my inbox wasn’t overflowing. There were maybe seven jobs waiting to be entered, so I was actually happy for a moment.

The moment abruptly ended.

Underneath a few fraud reports were a duo of commercial robberies. Commercial robberies are felonies – obviously – so when they come in a detective has to process the scene, check for video surveillance, and complete a white paper. The stores (a Rite Aid and a CVS) were located on 5th Street, approximately five blocks away from each other. The description of the offenders were identical, so it’s likely the doer robber both stores.

Before I exploded into a mushroom cloud of rage, I checked the time of the robberies. Maybe they came in after my squad left, and it would have been the overnight shift’s problem. The time out was 7:45pm for the first, and 8:30pm for the second. So the jackass working the desk was at fault.

Anyone wanna guess who worked the desk Monday night?

9 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. RG – Go to the head of the class!

    Ronni – The man is literally my cross to bear.

    Rudy – Well, he tries. Or, he claims he tries, then fails miserably.


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