Trust Your Betters

So, while I was enjoying my days off, a police officer sent me this city-wide email regarding the alleged Chinese Wuhan Virus vaccinations. When the vaccine was finally approved, the city claimed medical professionals and first responders were told they would receive the first batches. (Mostly because we deal with hundreds of people a day.)

Shockingly, the city has reneged on that promise, claiming they have not received schedules for the distribution to first responders. For the record, I want nothing to do with this vaccine – certainly not the first batch – so this doesn’t directly affect me. That said, big cities gonna big city…

We recognize that COVID-19 vaccines have already begun distribution in many states and within our city. Commissioner Outlaw, like many of you, recognizes the vital need to begin distribution within the Police Department, and is eagerly awaiting the availability of COVID-19 vaccines to be allocated for department personnel. To keep everyone up to date, we are providing the following information for all personnel.

The Centers for Disease Control has established the guidelines under which COVID-19 vaccinations are being administered. Under these guidelines, first responders have been designated as Tier 1-B eligible for vaccination.

While the City of Philadelphia has not yet provided to the Police Department distribution schedules for department personnel eligible under the Tier 1-B designation, the Department has begun wide scale preparations for the administration of the vaccine once received by the city.

The Chinese Wuhan Virus swept through our division in march, then came back for a repeat in November and December. Even if the vaccine is eventually distributed – spoiler alert: it won’t be – the majority of personnel likely already have the antibodies.

14 thoughts on “Trust Your Betters

  1. Cathy – The sent out a survey with three choices. 1. I want the vaccine. 2. I don’t want the vaccine. 3 I will take the vaccine at a later date.

    I chose #3, because the first dose of every vaccine usually has problems.


      1. Probably only once. I mean, I’m fairly sure I had it in March, but whatever. I look at it this way; if I get the vaccine, PA will still make me wear a mask. So why rush?


  2. I know several anti-vaxxers. I always considered them to be a little off bubble. Now I know how they feel. I wouldn’t take this vaccine for all the tea in China until there is a vast pool of data about what it does. Only problem, we’ll never know what data to trust. Oh, and I get a flu shot EVERY year. I doubt I will get one next year, because I don’t trust these morons not to sneak this vaccine into something else. It’s sad that it’s come to that, but I trust NOBODY in a position of authority. Well, except for Donald J. Trump.


  3. RG – I know a few people who took it and got violently ill. May be nothing, but I’d rather to see the reactions before taking it. Like I said above; our illegitimate president is making us wear masks for the duration. So why the f**k would I take a vaccine?

    Mike 47 – I trust them more than Moderna and Pfizer. Pfizer waited to announce the vaccine AFTER the election, so f**k them.


  4. MelP – She came from Portland. Outlaw is the perfect name for a woman who did nothing while the city burned al summer, and did nothing when Antifa destroyed Portland. She is universally disliked in the department.


  5. I am in my early 60’s.
    I am at a higher risk, but I intend to wait and see for several months.
    I have not heard of any definite data on the after effects of the second shot, but some have said that is the one that made them feel miserable afterwards.

    My parents in their late 80’s? I really wish they already had been vaccinated. they are at high risk, and the Chinese Wuhan Virus is too often fatal for their cohort.


  6. Iowa has been slow in getting the vaccine out to it’s population. My 93 year old mother has not been contacted to get the vaccine. I am in five high risk categories with asthma, Afib, sarcoidosis, high blood pressure and age. I also work at a university. I honestly don’t know whether to trust the data the government is giving us on the percentage of persons who have reacted to these vaccines. At this point, if I wake up, it’s a good day!! Oh, and by the way, Wyatt, I have lost 42 pounds and am pushing forward to the big 5-0.


  7. I want the vaccine ASAP, but Vanderbilt systems really dragging on getting it to high risk patients…of which I am one!!…And liberal media blaming it on Mr. Trump, instead of local incompetence….


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