Clay More

The majority of Princess P’s Christmas can be summarized as such: the bulk of her gifts were Bob Ross t-shirts and a comforter, a crap ton of art supplies – including canvasses and brushes, clay, etc. What she did not receive – yet – is her Jazza’s Jazzy Art Box. The box was supposed to be here by Christmas, but it’s being shipped by the USPS; so naturally, it’s three weeks late and counting.

Princess P is really upset about the delay, but she steered her frustration toward her new mounds of clay. The other day, she decided to create something with clay and molded up this clay gargoyle.

It took her a while, and there was some frustration, but I think it came out very well.

7 thoughts on “Clay More

  1. Good one Tam!

    My only question is why do some people get this talent and others couldn’t draw, mold, or do anything artistic if they had to. I find it tough to even draw stick figures. I’m actually pretty good at drawing a pretzel stick though. Kudos to your princess, she is very talented.


  2. I had a similar experience with UPS. I got an email Monday from a normally very reliable supplier, which said, “Your package will arrive tomorrow”. When it didn’t arrive on Tuesday, I used the tracking link on the email. It said my package was in Essex CA, a small, nearly ghost town down near the Arizona border on Wednesday. Thursday, it said my package was in Bakersfield. Friday, it said it made it as far north as Tracy CA.
    The package landed on my doorstep about 8:00 Friday evening.


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