Biden To Sign Executive Orders Wednesday

The Paste-Eater-in-Chief will have a busy Wednesday, implementing a dozen of executive orders shortly after he is sworn in. Most will be rejuvenated Obama-era policies, including the Iran Nuclear Deal.

(The story is from Fox News, so they get no link here.)

President-elect Biden is planning to sign several executive orders on day one of his presidency, his incoming chief of staff announced in a statement.

The president-elect will sign roughly a dozen executive orders that day, including reversing President Trump’s travel ban on 13 majority-Muslim countries, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and extending the pause on student loan payments, according to Ron Klain.

You do realize Wednesday starts the beginning of the end of America, right? Biden will reverse all Trump’s policies – specifically economics – and free and fair elections are a thing of the past…

President Sundown will continue mandating masks, even for those who received the vaccine, so at least we got that going for us.

Biden also will initiate his “100-Day Masking Challenge” with a mask mandate on federal property and during interstate travel. Klain promised the president-elect would sign additional executive orders on climate change and health care access in the first week of the new administration.

President Pedo believes you need to wear a mask while driving by yourself. People who believe this are the reason there are instructions on Pop-Tart boxes.

“Much more will need to be done to fight COVID-19, build our economy back better, combat systemic racism and inequality, and address the existential threat of the climate crisis,” Klain said in the statement. “But by February 1st, America will be moving in the right direction on all four of these challenges — and more — thanks to President-elect Joe Biden’s leadership.”

Biden and the Democrats will build the economy back better, because who still doesn’t harken back to the Barack Obama Era of Prosperity? At least President Hair Sniffer is clinging to social justice measures like grim death, because there are no other problems in this country besides how many pretend genders we should recognize.

Let me finish with this, because I’ve said this before and I believe it. The United States of America I grew up in is gone forever. The leftists had a plan, and they slowly implemented it over the course of sixty years. They have completely changed this country for the worse, and it’s never going back to the America you remember.

That said, I am totally fine with this outcome. Truly. I occasionally get trolls here who try to post zingers like, “Cry harder,” because Trump was cheated out of an election. I honestly don’t get that, because while I thought Trump was a great president, I don’t run my life by who happens to be in the White House. Leftists do that, because they have nothing but that. Politics is all they know, which is why they lost their minds when Trump was elected, started canceling conservatives on social media, and declared war on our cities.

I made my peace with the stolen election on November 4th. I knew the Democrats in those handful of cities cheated, and I knew Republicans would not fight for President Trump. The Democrats got away with stealing a presidential election, and no one on “our side” bothered to challenge them. They know their fraud will never be challenged, so there will likely never be another free and fair election.

So here we are. I’m done with the GOP, I’m done with Washington, and likely done with political posts. I simply don’t care anymore.

I’ll live my life, oblivious to whatever goes on in Washington. I’ll only vote if I can vote out GOP incumbents, and I’m swearing off talk radio. I’m out, and I couldn’t care less about what happens to this country from here on forward. Congratulations leftists; you destroyed the greatest country on Earth.

10 thoughts on “Biden To Sign Executive Orders Wednesday

  1. Y’know what cracks me up? I see people that announce on FB that they proudly voted for J/K* in one post, then in the next post state that ALL pedo’s should be put to death. I just look at them & laugh.

    *Yeah, I know, J/K stands for Just Kidding…have you ever seen a more accurate description?


  2. MelP – True enough. The FBI is currently vetting National Guard members because they think they are staging a coup Wednesday. These assholes “won” everything and they’re still acting like they live in Venezuela. America is quickly becoming a banana republic.


    1. Well, we do have something to look forward to in 4 years (besides your retirement): the look on Mittens Romneycare’s face when he realizes that all his pretend 2020 friends aren’t really friends.


  3. MelP – I’m sure they are. Canada was banking on the pipeline, and now they’re screwed.

    Rudy – Well, if nothing else, they’re also going to get it… good and hard.


  4. It will be very hard to read those executive orders written in crayon.

    And no, I will not comply, regardless of what he tells me to do.


  5. TX Nick – I have a new banner set for tomorrow. You’ll like it.

    Doc – The standard reply is “My boat tipped over and they fell to the bottom of the ocean.”


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