The Shirt Is Tragic

Meet Esequiel Robles of North Dakota. Esequiel is one of North Dakota’s preeminent drug enthusiasts, but sadly, his ironic choice of t-shirt shows his lack of self-awareness.

A North Dakota man on probation for narcotics possession was wearing a “Don’t Do Drugs” t-shirt when he was arrested yesterday for methamphetamine possession.

Esequiel Robles, 40, was collared following a traffic stop in Williston. A search of his vehicle turned up a baggie containing meth and a spoon with meth residue, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in District Court.

Charged with narcotics possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, Robles was booked into the Williams County jail, where the above photo was snapped.

If I may be so bold, it’s been my experience that anyone smiling for a mug shot has a few screws loose. The snarling, angry mug shots are people you certainly want to avoid, but the smilers? They’re the ones who burn their own arm hair, eat paste, and vote for similarly “touched” folks like Joe Biden.

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