Cali Has Two Million Unused Vaccines

While the state of California is battling an alarming number of daily Chinese Wuhan Virus deaths, there are two million vaccines sitting in offices, apparently unused.

While Californians are dying at a record rate from the coronavirus, with the number now reaching 525 per day, while the concomitant demand for vaccines to fight the virus soars, nearly two million doses of vaccines for the coronavirus are lying unused, “locked up in cold storage,” as the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“California has among the lower rates of vaccine administration in the country, with only 38% of the 3.1 million doses delivered to the state actually being given so far — leaving close to 2 million doses apparently stored in freezers and awaiting recipients,” The Chronicle notes, adding that the state’s ineptitude in vaccinating its residents is “putting the nation’s largest state far behind West Virginia, the Dakotas and most other states in the proportion of population that has been vaccinated.”

California is, by far, the worst-run state in the union, in my opinion. I truly feel sorry for those of you who are forced to live in that communist shithole.

L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer stated, “This disease is running rampant right now, and we continue to plead with residents, businesses and government, the community, to do all possible to stop the spread.”

Or, you know, the state could start vaccinating their at-risk citizens instead of watching the vaccines degenerate on some government drone’s shelf.

13 thoughts on “Cali Has Two Million Unused Vaccines

  1. I work for one of the counties in CA. Currently, we’re better organized than Fresno Co & LA. Right now, the vaccines are limited to 1st responders, health care workers & the elderly (phase 1a). We’re getting ready to go to phase 1b, and I’m in that group. The one thing the article didn’t mention was that one of the lots of the vaccine is causing people to have allergic reactions (I have drug allergies, so I’m currently planning to NOT get the shot).


  2. New York is similarly mismanaged. I read that they actually ended up throwing away thousands (millions?) of doses left unused before their expiration date.
    Cuomo and Newsom should both be recalled from office and given jobs where their talents would be most appreciated, after they learned to say “Would you like fries with that?”

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  3. Send some to Iowa or better yet, we can come pick them up. I am hoping I don’t react to the shot since I have allergies to penicillin, most pain relievers and pneumonia shots.


  4. Our governor is a tool. He is still busy telling people how great he is while we have been ranging between 47th and 49th in per capita vaccine administration. Pretty much everything about this state sucks these days except the weather. It was 72 where I was yesterday in a small red pocket of a giant blue mess.

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  5. MelP – My best friend is a physical therapist in Arizona. A nurse he knows had a severe reaction to it and had to be rushed to the hospital. I am also waiting for next batch before I get vaccinated.

    Mike AKA Proof – Good point. The article only mentions CA< but I knew for certain NY is also dragging their feet. But hey, it's not like Cuomo already has bodies under his belt. What's a few more?

    Ronni – So when you have aches and pains you just gram Captain Morgan? Good plan!

    Ingineer – Yeah, the climate is fantastic, but everything else – at least politically – ruins it.

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  6. Have been trying to get vaccine for over a week…Vanderbilt Health Systems have given it to staff, but are withholding it from patients. Davidson County Health Department is giving it out by appointment, but no one knows how to get an appointment…Internist’s office has no info, Health Department could not answer any questions…what gives???…Waiting till Trump’s out of office so all credit will be given to Biden???…


  7. Wyatt, It’s not a game, it’s all about control. I’ve got a feeling that both Fredo’s dumber brother & Pretty Boi are jockeying for KH’s VP when they get rid of Bite Me.


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