“Moderate” Senator To Oust Colleagues

Leftist West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is planning on using the 14th Amendment to expel certain GOP senators for their part in challenging the certification of the stolen election. I know I said I’d try to steer clear of politics, but this will trickle down. They’ll try to expel senators, then businesses, then you, all for your wrong-think.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), thought to be a moderate in the increasingly polarized chamber, indicated Sunday that he is open to using the 14th Amendment to expel Republican lawmakers who objected to the certification of Electoral College results.

In an interview with PBS’ “Firing Lines,” Manchin said that the move should “absolutely” be considered after riotous supporters of President Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, supposedly charged by rhetoric characterizing the 2020 presidential election as fraudulent.

Except the vote was fraudulent, and it was stolen by the Democrats after a group of blue cities all shut down ballot counting at the exact same moment. Make no mistake; the conservative purges will continue for the duration of Biden’s illegitimate term.

“Absolutely that should be a consideration,” Manchin said when asked by PBS reporter Margaret Hoover if the 14th Amendment should be invoked against Republican Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Josh Hawley (Mo.), both whom were among the more vocal of a group of Republican senators who objected to Electoral College certification in battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Arizona.

The First Amendment is dying, if it’s not already dead. The Democrats “won” the presidency, the House and the Senate, but that wasn’t enough. Their mission now is to destroy conservatives.

7 thoughts on ““Moderate” Senator To Oust Colleagues

  1. They won’t be happy until everyone in this country sees things the liberal oh, excuse me, anarchist way. We are already seeing phases starting with defunding the police.


  2. Just take all the Republicans out on the Capitol steps and shoot them, it will be much more efficient in completing the communist coup of the former United States. Assholes.

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  3. Ronni – It’s been going on here since the summer riots. There was a rumor they would buy out the people who signed up for early retirement.

    Mike47 – I’m all about fighting fire with fire. They spent four years trying to ruin Trump’s presidency. I intend to do the same.

    RG – Do you really think that’s out of the question? I put mothing past these assholes.

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  4. My mother thinks everything’s hunky dory & that nothing’s going to touch her. She’s a lib, so she’s safe, but both of her kids, her granddaughter & grandson-in-law are conservative, so if they do come for us, she’s going to have one hell-of=a wake up.

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