President Pedo To Be Sworn In Today

Illegitimate President Joe Biden will be sworn in today in a locked-down Washington, D.C. The illegitimate Biden administration believes there will be a violent coup today, and are securing the nation’s capital. Ironically, they didn’t see the need for that during the violent, murderous summer riots, but whatever.

It’s a new day in America, my friends.

The illegitimate Biden administration has already showed their hands, banning conservatives from social media, attempting to impeach President Trump a second time, investigating members of the National Guard to check their “loyalty” to the new illegitimate president, and so on.

Dark days are ahead, but we’ll get through this, just as we got through eight abominable years of King Putt. I truly hope conservatives take the fight to this prick, just as they did during four years of President Trump. If nothing else, we can sit back and laugh while President Pedo’ dementia further deteriorates his miniscule brain.

And if you want to rile up the toads on the left, let them know it’s our turn to resist.

8 thoughts on “President Pedo To Be Sworn In Today

  1. As the wife of a Guardsman, that whole “vetting” thing really pissed me off. My husband has served for the last 32 years and has done – and continues to do – his job regardless of who is in the White House.

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  2. Victoria – Disgusting. Democrarts despise the military, always have. Funny how there are zero reports of “right-wing violence” so far. Almost like this was all bullshit.

    Cathy – I’m ignoring media all day and took my flag down. I’ll leave for work soon and ignore everything else.

    RG – Good idea. If you believe in omens, we have gale force winds and snow here right now.


  3. I haven’t posted here for a while, but felt compelled today. My flag is flying at half mast upside down today. Upside down for the danger to our citizens from this new administration. Half mast for the murder of Toledo Officer Brandon Stalker. Officer Stalker was shot on MLK Day by a domestic terrorist who left his manifesto spray painted on a church he tried to burn down. Other responding Officers saved the taxpayers any need for a trial. Prayer may get us thru this, but prayer alone may not be enough.


  4. RG – Always a prudent choice.

    AV – I saw the story yesterday. A-hole just came out shooting in all directions, and Officer Stalker was killed. Good on the officers for smiting that piece of garbage. May he rot in hell.

    I thought about flying the flag upside down, but in the end, I just left it inside.

    Mike AKA Proof – That’s even better. I love how he called conservatives terrorists, then immediately pled for unity. GFY, you cheating piece of detritus.

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