Deer Diary…

So, I was sitting at my desk in work when Mrs. Earp called. She usually doesn’t call me while I’m working, so I figured something went wrong somewhere. Sadly, I was correct in that assumption.

Kyle was heading to his friend’s job to drive him home, because the friend’s car was in the shop. Kyle’s good like that. Anyway, while he was driving, a deer decided to run in front of my precious, antique Saturn VUE. Kyle struck the deer, and it damaged the front end, the hood, the lights, etc.

Thankfully Kyle was not hurt, and while the car doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would, the tow driver said he couldn’t tell if the car can be repaired or if it would be totaled. This annoys me because it’s a 2007 Saturn – which they don’t make anymore, thanks to Obama – and it is/was my favorite car.

We’ll see what the garage thinks. I sincerely hope it can be fixed, because Kyle really likes having a car. If not, then… not. If we decided to get another car, it would be a pre-owned one. I certainly cannot afford a new car, especially since Mrs. Earp’s Saturn Relay is nearly fifteen years old and if falling apart.

13 thoughts on “Deer Diary…

  1. Sorry to hear this bad news. My condolences. I have to admit, in our Brave New World, you just need to replace it with a SMART car. You’d be the envy of all your liberal neighbors.


  2. It’s practically a rite of passage to hit a deer. Glad Kyle is okay, that’s the important part. I know a used car dealer over here in OH that has pretty good prices…we got our daughter a 2005 Honda CR-V that was very well maintained.


  3. Glad Kyle wasn’t hurt. Sorry about your car. The last time I bought a new car was when I was the title clerk at the local Buick dealer. We could get them for $100 over dealer invoice. Now I get “new to me” cars usually around 2 years old and make sure I get the extended warranty with all the electronics in them these days.


  4. Victoria – I’ve never hit one, but I almost hit more than a few. Luck and brakes saved me. When I drive in to work during the morning, they’re lined up near a park I travel through.

    Ronni – Mrs. Earp’s Saturn Relay (Minivan) is a 2006. It’s falling apart, but it would be a good fit for Kyle for the time being. When Mrs. Earp gets a new car, it’ll be a pre-owned.


  5. Oh sweetie…they sleep in my front yard. Every morning we have at least half a dozen running laps around the property. I keep saying I’m going to hit a deer in my own driveway…


  6. I’m with you on the Saturn. Nice little car. I bought one used and gave it to my daughter to use when I got a company car. Trump’s predecessor also eliminated Pontiacs, which also held up pretty well. Good thing community organizers know so much about the auto industry!


  7. For Mrs. Earp, consider a used Hyundai Tucson AWD. Nice car, pleasant ride, good for snow and ice. Roomy and comfortable even for a 6’3″ guy like me. Little to no mechanical issues for me, and I’ve owned several.


  8. Victoria – The insurance company will claim it was a pet and they won’t cover it.

    Mike AKA Proof – Yeah, Saturns are all me and the missus had until Obama shut them down. I’ll mention the Tucson. Thanks much.


  9. I’m glad Kyle is ok. And it could have been worse. One of my co-workers hit an elk leaving work a few weeks ago. Totaled his Ford F-150. New one. He’s ok. I don’t know if the sheriff let him keep the elk. They grow large ones around here. I saw one on the left shoulder going to work last week. It stood taller than my Jeep Rubicon. We just eyed each other as I passed by.

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