Put Another Wimp On The Barbie

Remember back in the eighties when Australia was all the rage? Mel Gibson was starring in the Mad Max films, Crocodile Dundee was very popular, and Jacko was shilling Energizer batteries. These were manly men living in the most dangerous continent on Earth.

What the hell happened?

A backpacker claims she was asked to leave a restaurant because her outfit was deemed “inappropriate”.

She was patronizing a restaurant at Bondi Beach, where most people probably come in wearing swimsuits.

Martina Corradi said she was left “embarrassed and offended” after being kicked out of the diner in Bondi Beach, Australia.

The Italian holidaymaker, who was wearing a grey crop top and white trousers, was with her boyfriend on Thursday when a staff member approached her. She said she was told it wasn’t how she should dress for a restaurant in front of other customers and was told it was inappropriate.

Not for nothing, but I don’t see how Martina’s attire is “inappropriate” for a beach restaurant. It’s inappropriate for church or possibly the office, but for a beach restaurant? Get the hell outta here.

Personally, I think she looks amazing, and the restaurant staff look like idiots.

9 thoughts on “Put Another Wimp On The Barbie

  1. Ronni – My guess, too. You’re at a beach. You have to know people will come in wearing less clothing than say at a five-star restaurant.

    Cathy – Same. The top has more fabric than a bikini, so what’s the problem here?


  2. I’m not easily offended and imagine if some hot chick came into a restaurant I was frequenting with my family and young children, if she had one of those string bikinis that basically showed everything she had to offer, I MIGHT find it a problem. As Xou Xiden would say, “Come on man!” The woman looks like just about every other woman would look near a beach. Well, all of them except Rosie O’Donnell.

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  3. Wow! First they ban guns and now this. I thought Australia was the place where people get naked in public more than about any other place. I guess that is no longer true.


  4. RG – Yeah, she looks amazing to me, and she’s showing as much skin as anyone at the beach. It’s just such a stupid think to worry about.

    Ingineer -Apparently they turned into Dubai now.

    Kitty – That takes me back.


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