Something Creepy This Way Comes

Since most of you are lucky enough to not live in New Jersey – or Pennsylvania, for that matter – I figured I would show you what you’ve been missing. For example, Calico, the creepy clown mascot for the Middletown, NJ Food Circus just turned 65 years old.

The Garden State’s Middletown Township is not much like Stephen King’s sleepy, fictional town of Derry, Maine. But nevertheless, an evil clown lives there. And he just turned 65.

Since January 18, 1956, when the former Food Circus grocery store opened, an 18-foot tall, steel clown with a devious grin has loomed over Route 35. For decades, he’s stared at commuters and visitors alike, a comparably creepy Tillie for northern Monmouth County.

“Can’t sleep. Clown will eat me.”

Calico, clad in blue and cream checkers and a red bowtie, soon became the store’s mascot and a weird icon of Middletown, with different versions of the character popping up throughout the grocery store. When Calico was first installed, he rotated 360 degrees, casting his gaze on everyone in all directions.

Eventually, Calico was anchored sometime in the ’70s after high winds would cause the clown to spin wildly around and around, likely making him all the more menacing.

In all honesty, they should have let the clown spin in the wind. It would give people a reason to actually visit Middletown.

5 thoughts on “Something Creepy This Way Comes

  1. Could someone in the vicinity paste a picture of creepy joe on calicos face? It could get more attention than bernie & his mittens.


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