Sleepy Joe Calls His First Lid

Well that didn’t take long. Illegitimate president Sleepy Joe Biden called his first – of many – lids Saturday, just four days into his illegitimate presidency.

I guess signing those executive orders takes a lot out of a simpleton.

Regardless of whether you believe Biden was legitimately elected, he has the job he applied for, the job we were told repeatedly by his campaign he was fit to handle. So it’s more than a bit concerning that on Saturday, a mere four days into his presidency, Kelly O’Donnell, the White House correspondent for NBC News, reported that the White House had called a lid, and Biden would not be seen in public for the rest of the day.

This isn’t even funny anymore. It never actually was funny, but now it’s far more serious. Biden and his campaign assured the country he was perfectly fit and able to handle the duties of president, and yet Biden is already being hidden from the media four days into the job.

When President Trump got COVID-19, he didn’t let that stop him from running the country, even as Biden called another lid.

It’s fairly obvious the illegitimate president’s staff is running things, and I’m certain his “lids” are gong to become more frequent and much longer. But remember, a candidate who had no one come to his campaign speeches, who had no one come to his rallies, and who had no enthusiasm from the base totally received 81 million legitimate votes, 12 million more than Barack Obama received.

Yep, totes magotes.

6 thoughts on “Sleepy Joe Calls His First Lid

  1. Ronni – He only won the nomination because every other candidate was pure garbage. And now he’s finishing Obama’s work, and it’s not going to be pretty.


  2. I was reading an article & laughed my a$$ off. After Joe killed the Keystone pipeline (and the thousands of jobs that came with it), it came out that those workers union endorsed Joe. I guess it’s true, elections DO have consequences.

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  3. I think sometime soon, he’ll call a long enough “lid” (what a stupid term) that his cabinet may just oust his ass through the 25th amendment. President Kamaltoe will get sworn in and then we will REALLY be in trouble.


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