A Mexican Stab-Off

While we all know Mexico is one of the most violent countries on the planet, what you may not know is there are quite a few truly stupid people living there. Take “Leonora R.” for example…

A raging wife reportedly stabbed her husband multiple times after finding pics on his phone of him having sex with “younger woman” – without realizing it was her.

The woman – identified by the Mexican authorities as ‘Leonora R’ – was arrested after cops were called to a report of domestic abuse at a home in Sonora.

The vicious attack was sparked when the woman found x-rated photos on his mobile phone showing him having sex with what she thought was another woman. When she mentioned the photos, he apparently then explained to her they were actually images of the two of them together which had been taken years earlier.

Good lord, how much weight did she gain that she didn’t even recognize herself?

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