Businesses To Super Bowl: “Drop Dead”

For those of you, like me, who despise the NFL, this may be welcome news to you. Many big-name businesses are deciding against purchasing Super Bowl ads this year; instead, they’re dumping their money into… Chinese Wuhan Virus awareness?

Oh well, anything that hastens the demise of the NFL is fine by me.

Budweiser is the latest corporation to back out of advertising during this year’s broadcast, choosing instead to join a public awareness campaign for the COVID-19 vaccine. For the first time in 37 years, the company won’t air its game-stealing commercials, Anheuser-Busch, which owns Budweiser, announced Monday.

Other Super Bowl commercial giants such as Pepsi, Coke and Hyundai will also take a step back from this year’s game, reallocating their funds in light of the pandemic. Pepsi, for instance, will focus primarily on its halftime show.

Don’t let Big Business fool you; this has little to do with Chinese Wuhan Virus messaging, and everything to do with the Woke Twitter Addicts. None of these businesses want to be canceled, so they’re all backing off.

“There is trepidation around Super Bowl advertising this year,” Bill Oberlander, co-founder and executive creative of ad agency Oberlander recently told The Post. “For the Super Bowl, you generally go big or go home. I think brands are going home rather than spending tens of millions of dollars and not getting it right. They’re saying, ‘Let’s wait until this sh*t storm clears.’”

Gillette lost $8 billion in ad revenue after they produced that awful “Toxic Masculinity” ad, and ensured I would never buy any of their products again. These CEOs are scared to death of the Woke Twitter Mobs, so many are saying it’s not worth the rick. They’re right, and I applaud them for shunning the NFL.

13 thoughts on “Businesses To Super Bowl: “Drop Dead”

  1. They’re right; it isn’t worth the “rick.”

    Rick management is the new big thing in corporate America.

    And it’s always important to get hold of Australia when playing “Rick.”

    Otherwise, you might get rolled.

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  2. The sjw groups don’t spend like we the American people do. Big companies profits dwindle when WE refuse to buy their product.


  3. It cracks me up how all these entities: big business, governments, anybody, think that Twitter = the entire world.

    You’d think by now, with all the idiotic cancel culture bullshit, these super smart people would figure out that if you just ignore the fake Twitter mobs, within 72 hours, the attention span fails and they move along to the next target. All you have to do is shut up for a week or so, and the next outrage pops up.

    Eh. Whatever. Super Bowl. NFL. Big business. DNGAF


    1. So true, liberals have very small temporal lobes and memory functions are short-lived…if the MSM would just ignore their faux outrage over everything, we’d all be better off…

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  4. Mitchell – I’m assuming some of these woke jackasses saw the cancel mob starting to eat their own, and said, “Screw it, we’re out.” As long as it hurts the NFL, I’m all for it.

    CJB – The only thing I like about this is Brady is going back… because everyone hates him. Other than that, I have zero interest in the SB, or the NFL at large.

    DU – It’s like Christmas morning.


    1. Wyatt, agree completely. I’m watching the Super Bowl with my sainted mother because she’s not going to be in Sanibel this year like the last 15 years, and she loves football. But I’ll thoroughly enjoy the NFL trying to maintain spectacle with a 2/3 empty stadium and no “brilliant” commercials.

      What saddens me is that the millions of jock-sniffers out there will rush right back to the stadiums once this pandemic is over, or is declared over by our overlords. They attach no significance to their dollars going into the pockets of the people who are just waiting to oppress them some more.


      1. Exactly. Eagles fans are mostly cultists. The second they can return, they will. They still buy season tickets – even cops, who members of the team told them to effectively drop dead – and will root, root, root for the home team as they show their contempt for their fans.


  5. I’d say they’re worried because if they don’t pander to lefty/woke idiots their friends will say mean things about them and if they do pander to same, normal people are getting sick of it so they’ll stop buying their crap.


  6. Veeshir – It’s lose-lose. I’ll never use Gillette razors again, and I’ll likely never watch a Hollywood film again – especially with Robert “Heroin” Downey, Jr celebrating Biden’s illegal “victory.”


  7. So true, liberals have very small temporal lobes and memory functions are short-lived…if the MSM would just ignore their faux outrage over everything, we’d all be better off…


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