Silly Bint Has Mordew In Her Skull

Meet Sheridan Mordew, a British “fitness influencer” – whatever that hell that’s supposed to mean – who fled Britain for the sunny shores of Dubai… while Britain was on its third lockdown.

THIS Morning fans have been left fuming after fitness influencer Sheridan Mordew appeared on the show to insist that her Dubai holiday was an “essential work trip” – and necessary for her “mental health”.

Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby appeared to be equally unimpressed with Sheridan’s claims – with Holly quick to point out that the rules on travel have always been clear, and have nothing to do with mental wellbeing.

In fairness, beautiful women with amazing breasts live under different rules. /eyeroll

Changing her tune, Sheridan – who has 11,500 followers on her personal Instagram and 12,600 on her work-related one – insisted: “The main reason was my own self, my mental health kind of thing.

You know who has problems with their well-being during the Chinese Wuhan Virus pandemic? Every person on planet Earth. Alcoholism is up, drug abuse is up, and suicides are up, all because people have been locked inside their homes for almost a year. Who the f**k are you to sneak away to Dubai while everyone else is locked down? Stupid bint has a great body but a tiny, deformed brain.

I mean, I’d still hit it so hard that if you pulled it out you’d move seven years forward in time.


3 thoughts on “Silly Bint Has Mordew In Her Skull

  1. I gotta admit… big tits or not. Hotter than a jalapeno pepper or uglier than Rosy O’Donnell, if it’s possible to escape all this shit, I would not hold it against anyone who can figure out how to make it happen. One just has to understand the consequences of doing so.


  2. RG – I guess that’s a valid point, but FFS don’t brag about it all over social media.

    Cathy – Yeah, just lie on the beach in your bikini and shut your pie hole.


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