China Screech

A Chinese man and his girlfriend were almost killed when the man bit into an iPhone battery.

This is a video of a phone battery exploding after a man in China bit into it. If you’re looking for a reason why he did it, none was given beyond, “He likes to put things in his mouth.” Seriously.

“I’m the person involved,” she wrote. “…I haven’t been disfigured; thanks for your concern. He didn’t [bite the battery] because he wanted to test its authenticity; actually my partner just has the habit of putting things into his mouth and nibbling on them. I’m okay, just my bangs were burnt a little bit. My first reaction was ‘Are my eyebrows okay?'”

She added that the battery her partner had bitten into wasn’t a genuine iPhone battery.

Wait, so you’re telling me China manufactures products which aren’t on the up-and-up? I am shocked and appalled!

You can see the bizarre video below the fold…

What. A. Dumbass.

7 thoughts on “China Screech

  1. Wow that is crazy. The girlfriend appeared to get the worst of it. This is the kind of person that probably smokes at the gas station.


  2. TX Nick – Never eat at a discount Mexican restaurant.

    Mike AKA Proof – How else do you get “hot lead?”

    Kitty – Maybe the guy was born in North Korea?

    Ingineer – She’ll probably stay with him, too; because reasons.


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