Sunday Services

No, I am not resurrecting Sunday Services, but I wanted to do this today after hearing Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter was awarded a modeling gig with IMG.

From Sebastian Gorka: “Ella Emhoff is Kamala Harris’ 22 year old step daughter. Eight days after the Inauguration she suddenly lands a modeling contract with IMG Models”

Wow, what a co-inky-dink! It’s almost like IMG is pandering to the illegitimate vice-president to possibly get some love sometime down the road. The modeling gig doesn’t really bother me, because I understand IMG was not even remotely serious with this offer. How do I know?

Click this link to see what Kamala’s stepdaughter looks like.

Does she look like a supermodel to you?

So, in an effort to unsee that woman, I decided to flood the post with the most beautiful First Lady in American history: Melania Trump.

Explain to me how that troll gets an IMG contract and Melania cannot make one fashion cover?

I mean, Melania is no Ella Emhoff, but who is?

Say what may about Melania, she, like her husband, truly loves this country.

Sorry about posting the photo of Kamala’s kid. I’ll have nightmares for days.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. Cathy – She also apparently doesn’t shave her armpits, which is a real turn-on.

    Here’s my question: How is it that Trump was “enriching himself” when people were staying in his hotel, but it’s not at all enriching Emhoff when she just happens to land a modeling career eight days after her stepmother is installed as the illegitimate vice-president?


  2. Bill – The only caveat – and I’ll get destroyed for this – is I think AZ Senator Kyrsten Sinema is kinda hot in a dirty way. Plus, she occasionally gave some credit to Trump, which is more than any other Democrat has ever done.


  3. I think someone went overboard with the ugly stick…in thinking of libs/progressives, remember, ‘No morals, no ethics, no principles…’ and IMG embodies those ideals to the Nth degree…


  4. Melania has class. This biatch & her step-mudder will never know class even if it slaps their ugly faces upside the head.


  5. Remember the picture of Melania (the one where she’s pretty much nude, just holding a towel right in front of the lower region)? Everyone that posted/shared it on social media used it to try to prove that the Trumps were unfit to serve.

    I used to buy jewelry from one that did this. Instead of changing my mind & voting for the harridan, I just blocked the seller on social media & refused to buy from either her or the company she represented anymore.

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