Capitol Cop Gets Away With Murder

The Capitol Police officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt on video will not face any criminal charges.

The Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt will not face criminal charges, according to a report of the recommendation made by investigators.

The sooner people realize there are two sets of laws in this country – one for “our betters” and another one for the rest of us – the sooner you’ll start realizing the government is your enemy.

Babbitt was among those killed during an hours-long siege on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters who were seeking to stop Congress from confirming the official election results proclaiming then-candidate Joe Biden the victor.

Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran from California, was shot in the neck just outside of the Senate chambers as rioters began to break through the doors. A graphic video appears to show Babbitt trying to climb into the chambers before a shot rings out and she falls to the ground. She was declared deceased at a hospital.

If you’ve seen the video, it’s obvious this officer murdered her in cold blood. Babbitt was unarmed, and was not an immediate threat to the officer. He killed her because he was afraid. The officer should have been terminated, arrested, and prosecuted for murder. But because he’s part of the swamp, the man walks away scot-free.

Ace at AOSHQ mentioned this, and it bears repeating. Do not cooperate with the federal government. If you’re called for jury duty in a federal trial, always vote to acquit. Stifle these bastards – legally – at every turn, because they would happily shoot you dead for exercising your First Amendment rights.

4 thoughts on “Capitol Cop Gets Away With Murder

  1. Not only did I watch all the videos, each from different angles, but I did enough research to discover the cop had made many statements on social media degrading Trump supporters and even suggested they needed to die. This piece of shit really DID murder this poor woman. From what I read, she was into some of the QAnon stuff, but having an extremist position on certain things doesn’t give the government the license to kill you. She was trespassing, but as you said, the cop was not in danger, she wasn’t pointing a gun at him and there were other cops behind her who did not appear to feel any threat from any of the people at the doorway in question. This woman WAS murdered by this cop. I’m with you on never cooperating with federal law enforcement. They cannot be trusted. Makes you wonder what was going through the mind of the guy who killed the two FBI agents yesterday. Looks like they were doing their jobs and he was a nasty crook, but it’s sad that I even wonder about the incident since I don’t trust ANYTHING the FBI says or does any more. That would go for just about any federal three letter agency.


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