The Cold Shoulder


Today is (supposed to be) the follow-up appointment for my shoulder, three weeks after the surgeon decided he needs to go in there and fix everything.

The surgeon had to cancel the Monday appointment because of the snowstorm and asked if I could come in today. I obviously said yes because the shoulder hurts more often than not. I seriously need to see the surgeon soon because I’m hoping he’ll give me a date for the operation. I imagine the office will be open, but if they reschedule again, I will be very displeased. I can’t even help shovel because it’ll just make the shoulder worse.

I welcome this day because the pain has become progressively worse. (Saturday at work was unbearable.) I think the cortisone shot did help, but the throbbing pain is continuing. I’ll let you know how things turn out, but if I’m scarce for a while, its because the appointment took longer than expected.

8 thoughts on “The Cold Shoulder

  1. I was better after the shoulder surgery than I was before the surgery.
    Rehab was, long pause and a deep breath, unpleasant but necessary.

    I think that a cyborg AI shoulder would be awesome, but having the software for my shoulder go blue screen while on the toilet would be a problem.


  2. My mother used to get cortisone shots for her back. They did give her relief, but it was less and less with each one. So I hope surgery will help you. (You and the family Earp are in my daily prayers.)


  3. John – I’m left-handed, so brushing my teeth, tying shoes, wiping, etc. will be unpleasant. Right now I’m just praying they don’t cancel again.

    And never mind. Just got the call. Put off until Friday now. Awesome.

    Kitty – Thank you. The pain is getting worse, and now I have to wait until Friday for the appointment. It’s very frustrating.

    Mike47 – All I want is the date for the surgery, then at least the stress would subside.


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