Halfway There

So I had an appointment with the orthopedist Friday, but yesterday while sitting in work, the office called and said they could fit me in. I jumped at the chance.

When I arrived the nurse asked how I was feeling and I was blunt. “The first two weeks were great with the cortisone shot, but this week it feels like I’m being stabbed in the shoulder every five minutes.”


“Yes. It feels like one of my kids grabbed my hand and started pulling downward. It’s not ideal.”

The surgeon came in and reread the MRI. A moment later, he asked if I wanted to do physical therapy. I replied, “I was expecting surgery, because I thought you said therapy wouldn’t work.” He asked what I wanted to do and I said, “Surgery.”

The surgeon agreed, so I’m looking at surgery at the end of this month or the first week of March. They have to find a slot in the doctor’s surgery schedule, and will contact me with the date. In the meantime, I need to get a surgery clearance from my primary doctor and need to take a Chinese Wuhan Virus test – which I’m dreading.

The doc is ordering my post-op medications – Percocet for the win – and will set up my physical therapy. He stressed the PT is important, and I reassured him with “I fractured a bone in my foot and I had a severe contusion on my knee. I went to therapy every day, so no worries.”

Surgery should be fine, but the doc said he may have to “clean up” a few things near the shoulder. As long as he doesn’t find anything crazy, I’m looking at a four to six-week recovery.

19 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. I felt so much better after my rotator cuff surgery. Praying it goes well for you, Wyatt. You will love being pain free again.


  2. Sounds like it will be life changing for the better. You’re in my prayers as well and here’s to getting under the knife sooner than later so you can begin the rehab.


    1. I went to the VA yesterday for my annual eye exam. Nurse walks over in the waiting room and asks me if I want the vaccine. Somebody didn’t show and they didn’t want to throw it away, so got my first dose without even having to make an appt.


  3. Ronni – Hope so. The pain is worse everyday.

    RG ,- Going to learn to blog with one hand.

    Doc – Should have had it by now, but the department, which said we’d have it by the beginning of January, now told us to “be patient.” The city completely botched the roll-out. Shock, right?


  4. Surgery will fix the problem, and the surgeon will also fix any unforeseen problems that are found.
    For me, therapy did no good, might have done harm, and unduly prolonged the time of pain.


  5. good luck, I know when I had my eye done for cataracts the difference was so great I asked the doc when we could do the other…had the 1st last Dec 9th the second was Dec 23rd. Still having the 2nd eye deal with inflammation and a bit blurry but worth it. Get the shoulder fixed…just don’t ask how soon you can do the other one.


  6. Rudy – Cute nurses will be temporary. It’s surgery, then I’m shipped home.

    Mike AKA Proof – I always ask for that. I do it when they want to take my temperature… with a scanner.

    John – I’m usually good with therapy, but I know it doesn’t always help. This surgeon is really good, so I’ll listen to his directions.

    Gary – It’ll be my third operation. Three is enough. I’d like to get laser eye surgery, but I get freaked out when it comes to my eyes. I would lose my mind if I had to be awake for it.


    1. Wyatt. I should have done a better job of explaining that it was the pre-surgery physical therapy that I was talking about.


    2. Wyatt I am also freaked out when it comes to my eyes (fastest blink reflex ever) But with a local I felt nothing and I saw nothing coming toward my eyes. My Doc was fantastic. The hard part was in not moving during.


  7. don’t worry. I am sure they gave your vaccine dose to a worthy individual, like a 23 year old multiple felon that is sitting in jail waiting for his murder trial.

    Lasik was interesting 24 years ago. Yes I let them cut both my corneas. Thank the Lord for Valium, otherwise I would have been freaking out. Going from 400 something/20 in both eyes to 20/20 was AMAZING!!!

    Good Luck with the surgery, and definitely do the therapy. it is amazing how easy it is for you to lose range of motion in a few days, and take months to get it back.


  8. RD – I think the doc is giving me a week, then right to therapy. At this point, i just want the pain to subside. Advil isn’t cutting it anymore.


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