No Business Like Snow Business

So you may have heard the northeast got hit with some snow this week. It was a three-day thriller of snow, wind, and… snow. In the end, my garbage city earned about eight inches – Phrasing! – and most of the people here lost their ability to drive a car. And they needed a car so they could make French toast. Everyone in PA runs to the store at the first flake to buy bread, eggs, and milk.

Any hoo, Kevin and Julia decided to make the best of things, and after shoveling – Dad can’t because of this stupid shoulder – they created some pretty cool lawn ornaments. At the far left is the Roman Coliseum. Julia’s teacher students would get extra credit if they made snow replicas of ancient historic places. In the center is Kevin and Julia’s snowman, which stands at least five feet tall. Finally, on the right is their snow pillar, which is pushing six feet tall. Julia wants to make it taller with the leftover snow.

Below is Julia’s giant snowball. She made it in the backyard, and decided Daddy should move it out front so she can make another snowman. The route I would have had to take is close to thirty yards, and this thing weighed a ton. I eventually got it onto a plank, but I wasn’t able to drag it across the snow. Julia wants me to try again tomorrow, but it ain’t happening.

Her young, strong brothers also gave this a hard pass, so it’ll likely be outside until June.

4 thoughts on “No Business Like Snow Business

  1. Jenn – This was our first real snow of the winter, and I already want it gone. Sucks when you’re “essential” and have to get to work no matter the conditions. But you already know that.


  2. “Everyone in PA runs to the store at the first flake to buy bread, eggs, and milk.”

    Where I live in NYS, people rush to the stores for beer, soda and chips.


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