She Has The Power

Meet Alissa Neeley of Iowa. Wait, Iowa??

Alissa was booked into the Circa Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, but was evicted after she decided to go off her trolley.

A woman was arrested on Monday night after allegedly causing a power outage at the Circa hotel and casino in downtown Las Vegas.

Police were called to Garage Mahal, Circa’s parking garage, about 10 p.m. on Feb. 1 about the woman who had entered a secure fire control room. Police were initially told she locked herself in and had disconnected wires which shut off power to the parking garage, hotel and casino.

Unfortunately for all of us, the story then took a disturbing turn.

Officers talked to security who said the woman was sitting in a chair inside the fire control room naked. Security knew her, as they had trespassed her earlier in the evening. Police said she was staying at the property and was evicted after she was found walking around the hotel floors naked and was going into employee-only rooms.

This has been stated many times here, but it bears repeating. In my decades as a lawdog, every naked female I have ever encountered on the job looked more like Richard Simmons than Jean Simmons.

11 thoughts on “She Has The Power

  1. I would confirm that as well from experience long ago in the 70’s. They were all crazeee and like the fine lady above, once seen naked, they could not be unseen.


  2. RG – As I’ve gained five pounds since the summer, I understand I am no prize, so I try to see the hot parts of everyone. This woman is lacking.

    Cathy – Blunt as always. It’s your best feature. 🙂


  3. You said Jean Simmons, and my mind went straight to the guy from KISS, y’know, the one with the extremely long tongue…


  4. I “work” in IT and have done Expo shows in Vegas. Do you know how hard it is to cause a power outage at a casino? At most of the casinos I worked everything is on UPS – even the hotel rooms!

    “Secure” Fire Control room my ass.

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  5. Rudy – They’re covering for the jackass who left the door unlocked. Hell, our Evidence Custodian has “lost” firearms occasionally; some went “missing” right before court cases were to be held.


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