The Democrats Lie To You Every Day

The Democrats prosecuting President Trump’s second show trial, er, impeachment, used visual aids the other day, and get this: they edited the video to make the president look bad. Well, I never!

The opening video of former President Donald Trump’s rally speech on Jan. 6 played by House Democrats at the second impeachment trial omitted Trump’s instruction for protesters to march “peacefully and patriotically” on the Capitol.

Jamie Raskin (Scumbag – MD) presented visuals displaying the tens of thousands of Trump supporters at the Ellipse as the president echoed election fraud claims. The imagery was juxtaposed by rioters breaching federal property before the conclusion of Trump’s speech. Then the scene returned to the later portion of Trump’s address.

Thankfully, not every media outlet is as despicable as Raskin and his leftist thieves…

After the clips aired and circulated social media, Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) exposed how the compilation was edited to leave out Trump’s call for peaceful protest moments before rioters stormed the Capitol building.

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” Trump declared almost 20 minutes into his hour-long speech, according to the transcript.

Look, I expect politicians – on both sides – to lie their asses off, but you probably shouldn’t try that if you’re a terrible liar. Bill Clinton was a great liar, as was Reggie Love’s boyfriend; but this current crop of Democrats make Joe Isuzu look like George Washington.

5 thoughts on “The Democrats Lie To You Every Day

  1. Haven’t watched the show trial, and in keeping with good health practices, don’t plan to watch at all. As with anything the left doesn’t want to let go to waste, the only thing that will come out of this is that Trump supporters from here to eternity, will be called White Supremacists and Insurrectionists. It comes with the territory. Racist is old school. Since it doesn’t work anymore, the above two will suffice.

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  2. I gotta disagree on Clinton.
    The media just never made a deal out of his lies.
    The very worst lie I ever heard was, “I didn’t inhale.”
    If I had told my mother that when I was caught with a bong in my hand I’d stll be grounded for accusing her of being an idiot.
    And that happened 40+ years ago and she’s been dead for 10 years.
    And what’s worse about that lie is if it’s the truth. That means the man who wanted to be POTUS was too much of a pussy to tell his friends he didn’t want to smoke.

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  3. In 1992, Clinton’s lies during the primary were why the Right harped on the issue that character matters. The reasoning was, if he could rattle off an obvious lie about not inhaling, which the Left reacted with a nudge-nudge wink-wink, then he’ll lie about anything. His Gennifer Flowers lie was greeted the same way.

    This prompted Joe Klein to write an odious column called “Bimbo Primary” in New York magazine 2/10/1992, in which he said: “Twerps and moralists will insist that anyone who could lie in such a way shouldn´t be president; actually, the reverse is true–anyone who can´t shouldn´t be president. The world is a subtle, dangerous place; leadership requires something more complex than Sunday-school morality.”

    Joe Klein is no stranger to lying. He wrote the roman à clef “Primary Colors” about Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign in 1992. He used the pseudonym “Anonymous” and then lied that he wrote the book. The thing that upset journalists was that he even lied to them.

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  4. RG – I haven’t watched it either. It would just destroy brain cells. That said, Lyin’ Ted Cruz put out an op-ed claiming impeachment a private citizen is constitutional. Another useless GOP clown.

    Cathy – Thinking for yourself is hard.

    Veeshir – He thought the weed comment would give him points with the infamous moderates.

    Kitty – Klein is a worm. He deserved to be anchored to Clinton.

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